Thursday, November 12, 2009


this is basically gonna be a quick picspam cuz dont have much time to tell you all about the weekend (went shopping, krista got a bf) and stuff in details, and cuz i have a bunch of pics on my desktop waiting to be posted (i leave them there so i remember to post them up :P).

some pics of DBSK always keep the faith that i liked. you can get the rest here.

2PM just released their album the other day and their new music video just came out today! it's so different from all the other mv's and it totally makes me miss jay even more.

i cant wait for their comeback tomorrow tho!

all these pics for their new album

and allkpop even made a wallpaper of them (with jay in it!)

super junior m released another mv from their new album, super girl. it's called blue tomorrow

some big bang pics in japan cuz i like them but i never really posted any pics of them up on here. TOP and i share the same birfday! XD

well, i guess that's the only big bang pics i have. i thought i saved some more. maybe next time then ^^"

anyways, i gotta go!

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