Wednesday, November 4, 2009

halloween weekend

so yeah, on friday after school, krista, her older bro, keith, and i went to the haunted house in macon. turns out that it's in the mercer land; we passed by the entrance to the college and the hospitals on the way there. it took a while to find the place (it's called underworld the f.e.a.r. institute) but we finally did :D

we had to wait for around 45 for our group's (group 5) turn. when we got there, it hadnt even started yet. krista and i played infinite questions (basically 20 questions but more than 20) and did which celebrity would win in a fight (we kept on getting off track on that one XD) and just talked about the weirdest things.

in the end, it wasnt that scary. maybe it wasnt so scary for me since krista was clinging onto my arm screaming at everything the whole time XP she's the type to scream at anything scary even tho she can be gangsta and stuffid XD

but really, after quickly realizing that the people werent gonna touch us or anything, i wasnt really scared at all. it was really interesting to watch tho. there were strobe lights in all of the rooms and when it got to the scary part, the lights would flash on and off quickly and every time the lights would turn back on, the people would be in a different position creepily moving as the lights went on and off.

on the way back home, we had the windows down listening to keith's cds which were metal or rap. it was a good friday.

krista came over the next day around 2-3. we had planned to watch shawn of the dead again cuz you know, it was halloween and all, but she forgot about it, so i showed her MBLAQ and BEAST, 2 new guy groups that have been battling it out ever since they debuted a 2 or 3 weeks ago.

MBLAQ is the first group that Rain has produced under his company, J. Tune. MBLAQ stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. their members are: Yang Seung Ho [Leader], GO - Jung Byung Hee, Joon - Lee Joon, Mir - Bang Chul Yeong, and Cheon Dung - Park Sang Hyun. oh yeah is the title of their mv.

my favorite member is joon and not only cuz of his abs. if you see his live performances, whenever it's his little solo, he's always smiling (i hope it's not from arrogance since there are always louder screams when it's his turn :P) when he sings and it's REALLY CUTE. the abs just sealed the deal. mir is prolly my second fav cuz i like his singing and rapping. plus, he first caught my eye cuz he looks really similar to hongki from f.t island.

check out joon's smile!

BEAST is by the same company as 4minute, i forgot their name -__-" they want to be known as beastly idols (i know, it makes me sad cuz i remember 2pm and what's happened with jaebum). actually, one member was cut from being in big bang and another member was cut from being in 2pm. their members are: Du Jun [Leader/Rapper], Gi Kwang [Vocal/Dance], Yo Seob [Vocal], Hyun Seung [Vocal], Dong Woon [Vocal], and Jun Hyung [Vocal/Dance]. their mv's called bad girl.

in the end, i like BEAST, but i'm liking MBLAQ a little more [i think it might be cuz of joon XD].

anyways, krista got really interested in MBLAQ cuz she kept on getting to see joon's abs (what girl doesnt like guys with abs?), and i filled her in on our favorite kpop groups like SUJU, 2pm, and DBSK. she got all sad finding out about jay leaving once she finally understood which one he was (the dork, i told her in an email before :P).

and then it was time to eat and shelle brought home some of her friends from college: tawanda and her roommate amanda, christina and her roommate thiet and mylin, chris's little sis.

i'm not sure what we ate. it was that thing were a portable stove thinger cooked whatever stuff you put on it and noodles. we put fish, squid, shrimp, meat, tofu, eggplant, and bell peppers on the thing to cook and ate it with noodles in our bowls. yeah, half the people didnt really know how to use chopsticks properly, but it was all good.

and then we all were rushed to put on our costumes to go trick-or-treating with our (shelle and i) little cousins. people were already ringing the doorbell while we were rushing.

i was originally gonna be a witch but tawanda wanted to use shelle's witch costume from last year, so i couldnt. in the end, i just wore my cape, black clothes, and krista's pimp hat. i couldnt wear the mask that shelle bought since i needed to wear my glasses.

krista was a dark fairy; she even had the wings. we were the last ones out of the house cuz she wanted to put on the fake black nails she got. she wore the black combat boots that her grandma gave her which made her gain 3 inches. those things were tall!

shelle went as a gypsy, she got the costume a while back when we went to big lots just cuz shelle had never went there in warner robins before. tawanda was a witch, amanda was a pirate (too bad she didnt have a sword), thiet was a fairy or something, she wasnt even sure what, chris wasnt really sure what she was, she just did some crazy make up and wore a short cape with a hood, mylin was this cute little beetle or some type of bug. and chris's boyfriend came too.

it was so crazy, in our giant group of trick-or-treaters, only the older kids wore costumes (excluding mylin); none of the little kids wore costumes. we only went around the neighborhood, but i kinda felt bad cuz our group was so big, that it was kinda embarrassing me for getting candy and stuff.

that's me in the cape and krista next to me. she could so be my ho XP

it was sprinkling half of the time, but doesnt it look like snow?

we went to the haunted house in our neighborhood last cuz shelle and chris went to it last year and said it was really awesome, so we had to save the best for last. but really, it's not really a haunted house, it's a really dark and small maze. you have to get on your stomach and crawl around in pitch black darkness. it's not for the claustrophobic.

when we got there, there was already a line of people waiting. it took forever waiting since it took so long for people to find their way out or give up, but it was totally worth it. i wanna go again next year :D

only groups of 5 could go in at once, so we split our group in 2 with shelle and her friends going first since they had to go home early and krista and i were with the cousins in a group next. by the time we got out, shelle's friends had already left so we went home and looked at our candy.

we (shelle, krista, and i) were talking about our haunted house experience and taking random pictures. i managed to take this provocative one of krista XD

and then we were on my bed watching stuff and talking about whatever til 1 or 2 in the morning. one thing i started talking about was what would of happened if i didnt move, would haley have changed if i did even tho we'd most likely have different classes and stuff? cuz krista was telling us about haley, and then we got off topic again. -__-

when shelle left, i brought back the subject of haley cuz i still felt like i needed to get it out since we kept on getting off topic. and in the end, krista and i ended up having a heart-to-heart which had me crying twice in it. i hate crying, i dont like being that emotional.

i felt like i was part of the reason why haley turned out this way, whoring (she's not doing anything yet, she just wants guys' attention and stuff) herself out to guys cuz she has a daddy problem. i mean, the old haley i knew was never anything like what she is now. suddenly during freshmen year, she turned boy crazy. and what she did to krista (even tho i dont know her side of the story) made me really sad. so i ended up crying about that, too.

but, um, yeah, that really brought us closer and i know that krista and i are gonna be friends for a long time. at least, i hope so. haley changed that fast, who knows if krista does too. i know it's pessimistic, but i cant help thinking about it like that.

anyways, we eventually went to sleep and woke up around 9:30 the next morning cuz krista's parents were picking her up around 12. we watched some more stuff, laughed alot, and put stuff on krista's flash drive for eye candy and stuff :P

it's late, i needs ta go to bed now.

i forgot, it's my birfday tomorrow! sweet sixteen :D

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