Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas! :D

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, because I sure did!

The party was pretty hilarious yesterday, lol. Shena was acting tipsy before she even started drinking, and Kyle and Shelle made me open one of my Christmas presents from them early so that we could use it during the party. Turns out that they got me The Bigger Blacker Box; first three expansion packs, the World Wide Web pack, the Food Pack, the Fantasy Pack, and the Design Pack. I had only asked the Design Pack, because the cards are actually illustrated, so I wasn't expecting to get so many other Cards Against Humanity stuff. 

Then again, Shelle and Kyle really did go all out this year on presents, lol. Inside that present that I opened was a lot of other presents as well. They got me both the first edition of Exploding Kittens (the box meows every time you open it! :D) and the NSFW one as well! I told everyone to get me black socks since it seemed like I kept on losing a sock every time I did the laundry, so they got me 10 pairs of socks, one of which had a yeti pattern on it! :D They got me a cool Funko Pop! shirt of Loki, a Pandora bracelet and charm, and two books as well. Lol, all of that was in one big box! For my other present, they got me the new illustrated version of the first Harry Potter book, which I've been wanting to buy but couldn't since it was soldout on Amazon as soon as it came out. The art is just amazing. I love it!

And I guess David figured I'd need even more socks, because he also gave me a bunch of crazily designed socks for Christmas as well, lol. He also got me some bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush, because he remembered how interested I was in buying some a couple months ago but then totally forgot about. -__-" I got some super soft sweatpants from him, too, which I can't wait to try on after I wash them, since they smell too strong from being inside the same container as the bath bombs, lol.

But yeah, the party was really entertaining since all of the people around our age gathered in Shelle's room and played Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. Then, because it was becoming late, we went to David's house to give him and his family our presents since Steph and Christian weren't going to be home the next day. Alec, Shena, Phil, and his friend Dean wanted to come along as well, so I felt like it was kind of awkward for them to watch us all open presents for each other. But, we did play a round of Exploding Kittens there afterwards before we had to go home since the parentals wanted to open the presents together.

So we went home around 12:30 where the party was already over and where they were already done cleaning up and opened presents. Lol, Mom was so excited to set up the Keurig we bought her and learn how to use it. She even made a cup of coffee but decided not to drink it since she was already tired. Dad was pretty happy with the security system that we got him as well. 

Then, David came by earlier this morning because I accidentally forgot to bring his presents last night since it was interspersed with Kyle, Shelle, and Brian's presents. Shelle and Kyle had to leave not long afterwards, so we pretty much spent the day chilling. We finished watching Ouran High School Host club (lol, I pretty much persuaded David into watching it since I love it so much), napped, ate, and marathoned the first half of The Seven Deadly Sins. 

All-in-all, it was a good Christmas. :)

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