Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Double dates, rock climbing, Star Wars, Christmas parties, and Fancy Schmancies

A lot's been happening in these past few weeks! I feel like I've barely been home since this break started, lol. 

Last week, David and I went on a double date with Shena and Alec where we did a little Christmas shopping at Riverside and ate at a Mexican restaurant nearby. It was pretty fun, since they came over to my house first, and Alec and I started a mini Nerf war for the first few minutes. Then we went to the mall and bought some presents before eating lunch. It was really funny because while we were trying to figure out if one of the waiters was an engineering student we knew, our waiter was a TCO student I knew. XD

Then, on Thursday, David and I went up to Kennesaw to hangout with Shelle and Kyle for the rest of the weekend. We met up with Michelle for lunch at Tin Drum to get her keys, and then went to their apartment and chilled and slept until Kyle came home first, lol. 

The next day was pretty busy since Kyle took the day off. We went rock climbing, which was fun but difficult. We mainly did the auto belays since we didn't have training for any of the other ones. They had a gym upstairs, so we spent some time there working out. The gym mainly had equipment for working on your upper body, which makes sense since we're in a rock climbing facility, but man, I have no upper body strength, lol. Then we got smoothies afterwards.

Because Shelle had a Groupon coupon for this sushi place that was about to expire soon, we ate at Sushi Yu, which was really good. We got fried ice cream for dessert, which was equally delicious because it was green tea and vanilla flavored. 

Then, we went to go watch Star Wars, which had already sold out by that day. Luckily, Kyle had preordered tickets ahead of time, so we were fine. But man, there were so many people already lined up to get good seats. Unfortunately for us, we got there 30 minutes before the movie started, so there weren't many good spots available; David and I sat in the front area, which wasn't too bad since we sat on the last row. But yeah, the movie was great! I really liked it! There was a lot more humor than I expected, and the fight scenes were awesome!

The next day, I had a weird stomach problem that made me nauseous and need to poop for the longest time, but I recovered by that night when we went to Kyle's dad's Christmas party. Man, there was so much good food there, lol. So much cheese dips and cheese foods, that I was in heaven, lol. :D

The white elephant event was hilarious as well, because almost everyone brought bathroom related items. XD I stole this awesome Minion Fart Blaster that David, Kyle, and I saw at Wal-Mart from someone else who stole it from David, so the Fart Blaster went full circle, lol. And David was a boob who didn't even realize that he picked Shelle and Kyle's gift, so he got perfume and body lotion, the dork. Shelle got this hilarious bathroom book that people write in while they're on the toilet, and Kyle got this huge flask, lol.

The next day, we went to Kyle's mom's Christmas party, which also had a lot of cheese foods to eat among lots of meat, lol. Instead of calling it white elephant, they called it Yankee swap, and it was even more entertaining. I originally got a bag with an electric toilet paper roll, toilet paper, and a tomahawk, but it got stolen, so I ended up with a bag full of plastic animals, lol. David got a mug in the shape of a toilet. XD Kyle stole his mom's lightsaber, and Michelle got some Nerf guns and ammo to go with it. It was pretty funny watching everyone unveil everything while listening to the dogs, who were locked in one of their rooms, continue to whine throughout the night. After the party, we went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff, and Kyle almost got ran over by one of his aunts, whom he didn't recognize, lol. Lmao, Kyle was pretty much traumatized by his family for the rest of the night because of all of the Christmas presents.

We just chilled for the rest of the night since Kyle and Shelle had to go to work the next day. David and I left in the morning when Shelle left, so we got back to David's house around 9:30 and proceeded to nap until 12-ish. XD

Then, that night, my friends and I had our annual Fancy Schmancy get together, and realized that we're about to hit adulthood. Jackie's already graduated and is looking into moving to Atlanta soon, Emily's graduating grad school in May, and Shanice and I are graduating undergrad this spring even though I'll still have a year of grad school left. And Meethu is trying to graduate in another year, lol. So this could very well be our last Fancy Schmancy since more than half of the group will be working next year and will not have long breaks like how we do in school. That, or we could potentially have our next Fancy Schmancy in Atlanta since most of us will be there this summer, lol. But it was good to see everyone, since I rarely get to see anyone lately. Hopefully we'll be able to hangout more this next semester. 

So yeah, it's been pretty eventful since school ended. We're throwing a Christmas party on Thursday since our cousins from California are near this year, Jessica and I are gonna hangout sometime next week, and I will hopefully be visiting Krista before the new year, so I'm still gonna be pretty busy. In between all of that, I'm also still trying to clean my room and get rid of unnecessary stuff that I don't need anymore. -__-"

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