Saturday, December 4, 2010


So this week was really hectic. I had an AP Lang project that was due today that literally kept me from sleeping trying to finish the stupid thing; I pulled an all-nighter last night working on it and finally finishing it around 7AM. And the day before, I went to bed around 3:30AM working on the project, so I've been running on 3 hours of sleep and 2 cans of Full Throttle energy drinks for the last 48 hours.

I was so out of it today. What's worse is that I also had a test and two quizzes today that I never had the time to study for since I was so busy doing the project so I'm pretty sure I didn't do so well on any of them. AP Lang is the only class I have a C in, which is why I focused on the project so much since I have high A's in all of the classes I had a test or quiz in today; making a C on those won't effect my grades too much.

But yeah, I'm just glad that it's finally over! I can attempt to catch up on my sleep this weekend, chillax for a little bit, and only have to worry about writing the first part of my narrative draft that's due on Monday.


Wow....I just spent the last 2 hours getting distracted by watching some videos of a couple of different guys on youtube. And you know, I'm not exactly sure how I even found them...I just clicked on a random video on the side of someone else's video that I was watching, and before I realized it, it's already 12AM and I've just subscribed to three more people.

has only a few videos, but they're all really interesting...and short. And, he's pretty hot in his later videos. This isn't even his shortest video, and it's only 25 seconds long!

This guy, zahrock12, has the awesomest accent. I'm a sucker for almost any accent in the first place, but his is so cool! However, the video I'm showing you of his does not even involve him talking, so you'll have to watch one of his other videos to hear his accent. :P

The other person that I subscribed to is standardtristan, this really funny guy who just makes random videos about whatever he thinks of. Check out his video about rap music. :D

Anyway, this is completely deviating from my original topic. As you can read from the title of this post, I was originally going to talk about fails which goes back to my AP project. 

For a part of the project, we had to find pictures where language failed, so I googled fails and went on to find pictures for the project. Obviously, I couldn't use many of the more crude humor fails since it was a school project, so I thought that I'd share some of the fails that I thought were pretty funny or just plain stupid.

I thought that I had more... -__-"

In the end, I just found a lot of pics that caught my attention. :3 Like these:

Umm...yeah, that's it for now. It's one in the morning, and my brain is dead from lack of sleep. 

Cya laters~

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