Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So many movies!

I've watched so many movies this past week that I'm practically in shock. I haven't seen so many movies in such a short period of time in ages. When I count the amount of movies that I've watched recently, it's actually not that much, but for someone who watches movies once or twice a month at the most, it's a lot, lol.

On Wednesday, I went out to watch Tangled with Emily, Sydne, Shanice, and Jackie. I love that movie! It's so cute and hilarious! I was cracking up the whole time! :D I missed the first minute of the movie, though, waiting for Shanice to get her ticket and stuff, and I missed some other parts in the movie informing Jackie and Sydne where we were and stuff since everyone except for Emily were late. We are so unorganized, lol. But yeah, great movie. I'm totally buying the DVD when it comes out.

After the movie ended, Jackie's mom was going to pick her up, and Emily had to leave during the last half of the movie for an appointment (she had already seen Tangled once so she was okay), so it was just Sydne, Shanice, and me. We were hungry so we went to get a pizza at Mellow Mushroom and then went goofing off at Walgreens cuz Shanice was still kind of hungry. After that, we went back to my place to have a movie marathon since I found out that I didn't have to babysit that day after all.

Since school started, I bought some DVDs randomly and they started accumulating since I never had time to watch them. There were a couple of movies that Sydne and Shanice wanted to watch or said that I had to watch with them, so that day seemed like a good day to get started on the evergrowing pile. :P

So we bought some snacks for the movies at Walgreens and then went home. We started watching Brokeback Mountain, but we weren't really paying attention to it since it was so slow. Then, things got awkward when my mom came home and there was a kiss scene and it was just really awkward cuz you can totally see the TV in the living room in the kitchen and I had no idea if my mom could see the two guys making out on screen, but yeah...uncomfortable for sure.

So we stopped the movie and started watching Fame which was much better. I love watching movies like Fame where there's dancing and singing and stuff cuz I don't know, although I feel unaccomplished watching the characters in the movie do something in their life with their talents, it makes me motivated into doing stuff, too, you know what I mean?

It was getting late and Sydne had to get home by 7:30, and since she was the driver, Shanice had to go home, too. But we made plans to finish watching the rest of the movies the next day, Shanice coming earlier since she didn't have any finals like I did, unlike Sydne. We agreed to watch one of the movies that Sydne had already watched while we weren't there, so we ended up watching Shutter Island. I kind of figured out the ending halfway through the beginning, and I was a little sleepy by the time we finally finished it, so I didn't really enjoy the movie that much.

After that, we started watching The Dark Knight, but we didn't get that far cuz I wanted to go out and eat sushi even though I wasn't that hungry. I was feeling restless, which I guess is because I knew that I wouldn't have any other chance to go out except for on my days off on Sunday to do anything for the rest of the break because of my babysitting job.

We agreed to go eat as Sushi Thai since neither of the two had eaten there yet, although I had and their sushi is great! When we got there, though, it wasn't open, which was really weird since it was just a random Thursday afternoon. So we went to the Coldstone Creamery which was close by to get milkshakes since we all weren't that hungry anyway. Their milkshakes are pretty good! I got a strawberry one and it was really good. :3

Then, we decided to prank some of our friends since we had nothing else to do. We were going to Ding-Dong-Ditch them or prank call them using the *69 restricted number, but every time we tried calling our friends while idling in front of their house in Sydne's car, they all wouldn't answer their calls, so our attempts at pranking failed. Epically, lol.

Then we went to LD's place and knew that he was home since we saw his red bike outside. Shanice and I went out and knocked on his door real quick and ran back into Sydne's car who was all ready to gun it out of the neighborhood. It was hilarious. We didn't even know of he heard our knock or not, but later that night, when I got on Facebook, I read one of his statuses, and it said that he was gonna get revenge on the kids who knocked on his door the next time they did it. XD

We're such bad kids, lol. :P

After that, we went home and just talked about stuff while the kids came home. We eventually started doing karaoke even though the batteries in the mics were dead, just singing along to the lyrics on the screen. We went through the old songs in our childhood like the Pokemon theme song (Shanice and I couldn't believe that Sydne had never heard of it. What kind of childhood had she had?! :P) and NSYNC. Then we found Linkin Park songs and were singing all of those. It was fun.

They had to leave, though, after Mommy called telling me that I had to take the kids over to their house and babysit over there. So that was the end of it for that day.

On Saturday, I finally watched Howl's Moving Castle when I was babysitting. I now know why it's gotten so much praise: it's fantastic! At first, I wasn't that interested in it, but the animation and storytelling definitely caught my attention. Studio Ghibli movies' animations always get my attention. There's something about the way animations move and look that always keep me intrigued. And the movie was also hilarious.

Then, yesterday, Shelle and I watched The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which was also good! I love the Chronicles of Narnia movies as much as I love the Harry Potter movies. It only sucked that Susan and Peter weren't in the movie that much. And Eustace was SUCH an annoying character in the beginning. Oh my god, I just wanted to shove a sock in his mouth and tie him to a tree whenever he appeared on the screen in the beginning. :P

After eating Chinese for dinner with Shelle's friend Madeline at a restaurant nearby where I found out that one of my classmates' family owns the restaurant and who also works there, I watched Tangled again with my sis since she still hadn't watched it and really wanted to watch it, especially since she had a coupon for her ticket, lol. I finally got to watch everything, and I really liked Tangled anyway, so it was all good.

So yeah, those are all of the movies that I've watched in the past week, which, really isn't even over yet, since it's only Tuesday. It's not that much compared to many people, but it's definitely a lot to me.

Plus, I started and finished watching this anime called Baccano! yesterday since the Internet was being weird at my cousins' house while I was babysitting, and it also wasn't working at my house when I got home later last night, which was very odd since it was working fine earlier in the day.

Baccano! is awesome once you start understanding how the story is told, and once you start recognizing everyone in the super huge cast. At first, things didn't make much sense in the beginning, but as the episodes went on and the intertwining plots came together, it was great! Really good storyline and amazing characters. I'm kind of sad that there isn't a clear ending, but leaving it open-ended is a good idea since it lets the audience come up with whatever ending they want. :3

That's all for now!


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