Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

It's been a busy break. It went by so fast that I still can't believe that I have to already go back to school on Tuesday! But, let's talk about what's happening in 2011 next year, like, tomorrow perhaps. :P

I'll do a quick recap of what happened ever since I went to my grandma's house last week and then I'll prolly have to get off and clean my room since my mom's been nagging about it forever. Or maybe I'll just read a book, lol; I have plenty to choose from. :P

So Shelle and I drove up to grandma's house on Thursday. We hung out and on Friday, Shelle, Nicole, Megan, and I went out to Arte 3 to eat some bingsoo cuz we really wanted some. This time, tho, Shelle and I wanted to try the pot bingsoo cuz we only tried the fruit bingsoo last time. And I ordered a waffle, too, cuz I wanted to eat it again, lol.

There wasn't much of a difference between the fruit bingsoo and the pot bingsoo, tho, cuz the pot bingsoo just had red beans in it in addition to the fruit and stuff. Luckily, we remembered to bring our camera, so we actually have pictures of it this time!

We stayed at grandma's house until Saturday, Christmas Day, where we went to one of our Aunt and Uncle's Christmas parties where it actually SNOWED!!! We actually had a white Christmas in the south! Shelle and I had to leave to go back to our grandma's house after a couple of hours because our parents didn't want us driving in the snow if it got even thicker and the roads icier.

The next day, Megan came over so we opened our presents for each other. I gave Megan some Ugg boots that she wanted, which she promptly wore. I gave Nicole a hoodie that I thought would look good with her sleeveless puffy jacket that she bought with us the last time we were there, and I gave Shelle a card that said that I would take $250 off of her tab that she owes me.

I got a penguin pillowpet and a pair of red converses from Shelle and a bumblebee pillowpet from Megan, which I was so happy about. I've been telling everyone I knew how much I wanted a pillowpet throughout the year. XD Nicole never had a chance to go shopping, so she said that she'd get us something when we went to the mall later that day. At the mall, I made her buy me a belt that I wanted as my Christmas present. :D

After shopping, we went out to eat at a Japanese steakhouse. I forgot the name, but I'll post some pics later when I can get the camera from Shelle. I ordered the Ten Don which was some tempora shrimp with rice that had a sauce on top of everything and I also bought some sushi since I always eat it whenever we went to Japanese restaurants. The food was so good! Although the portion of rice was so much! I was so full that I couldn't eat it all.

Then, we went to play at Best Buy since we still had some time before Tron Legacy came on at the movies. We wandered around for a while before finding the Xbox Kinect and goofing off there. It was so funny watching Megan and Shelle compete against each other on the sports in the game cuz their avatars were so funny.

So we went to watch Tron Legacy, which was pretty okay. The graphics were really good --I really like futuristic types of movies-- and the plot was also pretty believable (you know, no bad plot-holes and stuff), but I didn't really like it that much. It wasn't very funny either, which is prolly a major reason why I wasn't so into it. For a PG movie that had such good hype, there wasn't much comic relief and stuff. 

After that, we went back to grandma's house. We stayed there until Tuesday where we went back home. On Wednesday, Shelle and I went to the farm for lunch where I practiced driving afterwords and made plans with Krista to have dinner with Shelle, Chris, and I at O'Charley's and spend the night after that. Since we passed by her house on the way home, we would easily be able to pick her up later when we went home.

Her parents agreed, so we picked her up, went home to shower and clean up, and then went to go eat. Shelle and Chris's friend, Aaron, worked at O'Charley's, so they wanted to go eat there to see him and bother him, lol. 

After eating at O'Charley's we went to Target because some of Shelle's other friends were there. Krista and I split up with them and looked around the store trying to find a rubix cube cuz Krista always wanted one. Unfortunately, we didn't find one. And then we had to leave cuz Target was closing in a couple of minutes.

Since Shelle and her friends still weren't done goofing off and being obnoxious, they decided to go to Wal-Mart since it's open 24/7. :P Again, Krista and I split up with the others and immediately went to the toy section of the store in search for a rubix cube. I found a bike lying in the middle of an aisle, so I quickly got on it and tried to get around the aisle on it. Since I hadn't been on a bike for a long time, I really sucked. I kept on swerving and leaning on the sides, almost hitting products off of the shelves, lol. It was fun.

Krista eventually found a rubix cube and I found a pokemon ball stress-reliever that I wanted. After that, we went around the other parts of the store, browsing around and looking for Shelle and her friends. After some random stuff, we finally found them and were on the way out of the store after finding some humus for Chris and paying for everything.

The next day, yesterday, Shelle took Krista and me to go watch Black Swan which was so...I can't say weird cuz it sounds derogatorily, but it's definitely far from normal. It was intense. And there is definitely a reason why the movie was rated R, lol. :P

After that, we went to Sonic to get drinks since it was during Happy Hour, and then we went to the Riverside Mall since neither Krista nor I have ever been there yet. We went dress shopping at Dillards since Shelle wanted to get a dress and Krista was in a dress phase. Shelle ended up buying two dresses since she couldn't choose which one she wanted, and Krista didn't get any either since she didn't have any occasions to wear them, and her parents would probably flip if they saw the dresses.

We walked around for a while before going home where we ate some chicken that my mom bought at Churches. They were really good, prolly since we were so starving, lol. Krista stayed the night again and just left a couple of hours ago today. 

And that's basically what's happened since my last update.

On to some other topics...

So I've looked at my piles of books and at my 2010 book challenges that I entered. This year, I entered 13 challenges and I've finished 9 of them. That's really good in my opinion since it was my first year doing any  challenges. Granted, I had some pretty low goals since I wasn't sure if I even had any books or time to accomplish any of them, but still, I'm happy. 

Also, since I now have plenty of books and know my relative achieving goals, I think I'll be able to do even better next year. However, I'm not entering as many challenges as I did this year. 13 was just so much. I think I'll enter less challenges but with higher goals. 

I'll have a post of all of the challenges I'm entering for next year up in a couple of days, so watch out! 

This is the last of the year! Can't believe how much I've posted this year compared to my earlier years. I had 42 posts in 2008, 47 in 2009, and this is my 78th post for 2010 which is almost twice as much as my other years' posts! I can't believe it! I can't wait to see how many posts I'll have by the end of next year!

Happy New Years!

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