Sunday, November 28, 2010

last few weeks' happenings...

I really wish that I could just stop time for a while. There's always so much to do and never enough time to accomplish everything. Plus, I am a pretty lazy person, so that makes things even worse. -__-" But yeah, that's mainly the reason why I haven't updated that much all month except for posting my IMM loads every week.

A lot of stuff has happened since my last update. I hope I can remember it all and have it all written down, but even now, I'm rushing because I still haven't finished any of my homework and school starts tomorrow. It's not as bad as it seems since most of the assignments are due on Friday, but since I'm already loaded down with studying and other homework during the school week, I doubt that I'll be getting enough sleep to finish everything. -__-

The week I had before the start of break was hectic. I had two tests on Friday over stuff that we were just learning that week, so I had to read and study everyday to make sure that I knew all of the info, especially since I knew that I wouldn't be able to study much on Thursday night because I was going to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter [which was amazing~ :D]. Also, throughout the week, I had to do a little project for US History and had to take some quizzes in other classes and stuff to finish in Graphics. Very busy.

Last Sunday, Krista came over and spent the night. She finally brought me my birthday presents, and they are awesome! She made these two little paperweights in her Ceramics class for me. The penguin is freaking amazing; I love it so much. I named it Pimp Mama K after Krista since it was a pimp penguin. XD The apple she made me was inspired by G-Dragon's Heartbreaker song, as you tell from the lyrics written on the back. I laughed so hard when I told her that she used the wrong "your" on the back. ^^

Later, we did our usual tradition of taking a walk, although it was cut pretty short since we were thirsty. Then we were too lazy to go back outside again since it was too warm; really, it's FALL, so why does it still feel like summer?

We watched The Good, The Bad, and the Weird, this really funny Korean movie that Krista had brought over. It was awesome. Now I need to watch Iris since the bad guy [the guy in the middle] in the movie is also the lead character in Iris and is Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe, and he's really hot in all of them. :3

We went back outside after watching the movie since we were feeling lazy and full from the pizza. It was already dark by 6:30 when I asked Krista if she wanted to meet my friend Jeffy since he lived so near. She agreed, so I texted him asking if he was busy and wanted to meet my friend. He got permission to go from his parents and walked over while Krista and I walked back to my house to meet him.

Not surprisingly, the two hit it off really well; they're both so funny and crazy. Even though they're both white, they could easily pull off the ghetto girl attitude, lol. I was laughing my head off. :D Those two are great entertainment, lol.

After Krista and I got back home since Shelle really needed to talk to us about her weekend, we ended up watching the first half of G.I. Joe at night before going to bed because we had to wake up early the next day since I still needed to babysit my cousins during the Thanksgiving Holidays we all had. We finished watching G.I. Joe at their house and goofed off for a while before going back to my house.

I shooed all of the kids out of the house, making them either play outside with their friends or go on a walk with Krista and me. Only Ricky wanted to go for a walk, so we started going around the neighborhood. I was messing around with my camera again and I ended up taking a lot of very cool pictures replacing colors and only focusing on a couple of colors and doing fish-eye effects.

On these, I only focused on one color. We used Krista's Spongebob keychain to test out yellow, lol.

These, I switched colors around by replacing one color with another.

And we tried changing Krista's hair color, too, which had some cool results!

 Then I changed this really red tree's leaves in my neighborhood into different colors. The changes were pretty cool; you could actually believe that they were originally that color for some of them. And Krista thought that the pink leaves looked kind of like sakura petals, lol.

This is the original.

These are the changes.

And then I took a fish-eye effect and thought that it looked pretty nice, lol.

It's really cool; I love my camera even more, lol. The only thing that sucks is that I accidentally dropped it on the ground outside, so it has little scratches on the corner now, which makes me sad. Luckily, it didn't drop far. It fell a couple of inches above the ground, so there's not much damage.

Then, when we came back from the cousins' house, Mommy made me order some pizza so she could go pick it up later for dinner. Just the day before, Krista and I had eaten pizza for lunch and dinner; I haven't had so much pizza at once in a long time, lol.
Eventually, Krista had to go home at 8. After she left, I lazed around and didn't do my homework even though I really should have. 

A week earlier, the whole family had planned on going on a road trip to Washington, DC, but on Tuesday night --the day before we were supposed to leave-- Shelle and I were informed that Daddy was too busy to drive, so he and Mommy decided we could go to grandma's house instead, leaving on Saturday as we had originally planned for the DC trip.

So we went to grandma's for Thanksgiving, playing with the kids the day we got there and going to Amber's [one of our cousins'] Thanksgiving party the next day. We actually didn't leave until 6PM, because we were told to wait and leave when grandma left, which ended up being really late. 

On the plus side, it turned out that Amber's house was just a house to the left of Nicole and Megan's house in their backyard, so we didn't even have to drive there after we stopped at Nicole's house for Megan to change; we just walked to their backdoor from Nicole's backyard.

The party was pretty fun. Leann's grown so much! She has braces and glasses now. And she has a lot of plaid shirts, lol. Her style is very good for a 10 year old, lol. She's such a goofy kid. 

We --Nicole, Megan, Shelle, and I-- stayed up all night watching our own individual stuff on our laptops until 2 in the morning where we left to go to the Northpoint Mall for Black Friday sales. We were dead tired by the time we left. We got there around 2:45 and didn't leave until around 8:30 in the morning running only on smoothies and coffee. 

We had originally planned on going to eat at this Korean restaurant that Megan went to before for lunch, but it wasn't open until 11, so we headed home, planning on sleeping for a couple of hours before going out to eat lunch. 

Although Shelle's phone's alarm went off a bunch of times around 1 in the afternoon, no one woke up besides me. I stayed on my laptop reading and watching stuff until 6 rolled around when everyone finally woke up. We ate some spaghetti that Megan had made earlier, and then decided to go to this Korean cafe that Megan had gone to with her friend to try patbingsu, this dessert that we all have seen people eat in dramas and variety shows.

After convincing Megan to go, we went there and it was really nice. There were two round tables on the sides of the place with cushioned couches surrounding them that were already taken by some other people. In the middle were a couple of tables with umbrellas like the ones at restaurants that serve outside, and their matching chairs. There were also two TV's, one on top of the other, showing Korean music videos which was really cool. Unfortunately, I only recognized 2NE1, lol.

I ordered a fruit bingsu and waffle for everyone to share and peach bubble tea for Shelle. The food looked so good~ I wish I remembered to bring my camera so that I could take a picture of it all! We finished the bingsu and waffle pretty quick, lol.

This is what a fruit bingsu looks like.

Then we headed over to the H Mart since we didn't have anything else to do, and Nicole wanted to buy a Thai Milk Bubble Tea at a store that was near it, too. I went with her to get her drink while Shelle and Megan went to H Mart to get some sushi since we were all craving some.

When we got there, instead of sushi, they were sharing some dukbokki [spicy rice cakes] instead since there was no more sushi since it was late.

But! I found one container of some type of sushi that was left and bought that and some vegetable tempura, too.
We were so stuffed by then that we couldn't finish the tempura, so we brought it home in a box for Thien since Nicole had already promised to bring something home for him, lol.
The next day, we went to and stayed at grandma's house until it was time to leave.

When we finally got home, I cleaned and put stuff away, and just goofed off for the rest of the night, catching up on kpop and stuff. 

Then, today, I was supposed to do my homework and project like I kept on telling myself, but, I kept on getting distracted by the internet and from Shelle's constant interruptions. So, this week is going to suck since I'll be rushing to finish everything and study at the same time, since my parents keep on nagging at me to bring up my grades. Such fun. -__-

That's it for today. Later~

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