Friday, November 5, 2010

quick recap of the week

lots of stuff happened last weekend. I wish that I could have updated earlier about it all so I could remember all of the details, but as usual, I didn't have any time. Or felt too lazy to update :P

but yeah, Halloween was fun. Krista came over and she decided to go all out and dress up in the weirdest things. she made me make a sign for her that said that she was imagination. she was really embarrassing looking, lol. and she made me dress up crazy like her too, so I felt really embarrassed trick-or-treating in my neighborhood since a lot of the kids and teens rode the same bus as I do.

earlier that day [Halloween was on Saturday this year], Krista and I went for a walk around my neighborhood, exploring [this was becoming a tradition] the wooded area in the back that hasn't been cut down for houses yet. we went into a lot of machine-dug holes and stuff, trying to see where everything ended and stuff.

eventually, we went to the rich neighborhood that's right next to ours through the woods and checked out potential trick-or-treating houses. by that time, we were tired [we're so out of shape, lol].

yeah, by the time we got back home, kids were already out trick-or-treating. but I was hungry, so Krista and I ate a light dinner, planning on heating up some pizza afterward, and then we left with Shelle and Brian [apparently, one of the cousins' parents came home and already took them out trick-or-treating]. well, we didn't leave until 2 of Shelle's friends came.

we went to all of the houses in our neighborhood which embarrassed the crap out of me; 2 teenagers wearing retardedly random stuff going asking for candy with a little boy >_>

I finally started letting up when we went over to the rich neighborhood since I didn't know anyone over there, lol. our bags of candy were FULL, yo. the bags were heavy, and I could hardly fit anymore candy in mine by the time we were done.

after we went home to put our stuff away, we went to this house in our neighborhood that always does this maze in their garage where you have to crawl around in boxes, twisting and turning everywhere, trying to find your way out. it's really fun, but definitely not for the claustrophobic.

after that, we went to one of Shelle's friend's house who was having a bonfire. it was pretty cool. I finally got to eat real s'mores, lol. but it was so cold! anywhere where the heat of the fire didn't reach was instantly cold.

then we went home. Krista and I had already planned on watching some scary movie to end the night of Halloween, but we ended not doing it. we just talked with Shelle and goofed off until we were too tired to do anything after sorting out the candy and stuff.

school-wise, this week has been pretty light. I only had one test and that was today. it ended up not being that hard, which I was very glad since I didn't study for it much. I mean, I know I didn't get a high grade like usual, but with all of the extra credit that Vance gives us, I'm pretty sure I'll still end up with an A.

speaking of grades, progress reports came out on Tuesday and that was one crazy night. I had two B's on my progress report [both were 89's but that doesn't matter cuz a B is a B to my parents] although one of them should have been an A if Godfrey had changed the grades like he said he would ages ago. But yeah, even though I had warned my parents that I probably would have B's in my AP classes, they still didn't expect me to have them, so I knew that they'd flip out when they saw my progress report.

but mommy wasn't home when I came home from school, so I was spared for a couple of hours. I actually got off of work early around 6:30 and since I didn't have anything to do, I went over to Jeffy's house after I ate dinner to get my cord that he kept on forgetting to give back to me.

so I went over to his place [I kinda know which house is his now :P] and we stayed outside talking and stuff until we got bored and started walking. by then, it was dark out. I had figured that my mom would be back home by then so I wasn't too worried when we were walking in my neighborhood until my mom passed us on the way to our house, slowing down a couple of feet ahead of us to check and see if it was really me.

that was when I started flipping out. I mean, ever since I started elementary school, my parents have always told me and Shelle that we couldn't have boyfriends until we were in college; how was my mom going to react to seeing me walking outside with a guy alone at night?

so yeah, I was like, "I'm screwed. So, so screwed." and Jeffy was all like, "Well, I was just doing the gentlemanly thing, walking you home so you wouldn't get bullied." lol. so yeah, we were getting near my house and I was contemplating on if I should go inside then and die immediately or keep on walking and die later, and Jeffy was all like, since this is prolly the last time I'll ever see you again, die later.

so we kept on walking for a bit until Jeffy heard my mom call my name. we turned around and there was my mom in the driveway, looking at me. I resigned to my fate and started walking home, waving Jeffy goodbye.

shockingly, my mom was very chill when she asked me who was I with and stuff. I told her that I was walking with my friend who lived over "there" [insert vague direction here] cuz I needed to get my cord back from him [shows the evidence]. and that was all there was to that. I had never been so surprised with my mom in my life. here I thought that she was gonna have a cow or something, but no, she did nothing, she just kept on looking for stuff in the freezer.

after some other small talk, I remembered about my progress report and I told her about getting two B's and explained to her how one of them should have been an A. either way, she said that daddy was going to be very mad and most likely take away my phone as punishment. she told me that I had to call him and tell him about my grade since he wasn't home.

so after I took my shower, I called him and he told me to give my phone to Mommy, that he was going to keep it on the farm. god, it freaking irritated me! just because I don't have all A's, my dad immediately assumes that it's because I now have a phone that distracts me from studying and crap. I was already doing badly in AP Lang way before I had a phone. phone or not, I wouldn't have had all A's anyway cuz this year is so hard.

after I explained to my dad about why I had the B's, he was just like, we'll talk about his later when I get home. I'm busy right now. so i was like, fine. whatever.

on thursday [my birthday!], Mommy told me that Daddy was coming home, and my first thought was: "great, it's my birthday and I'm probably going to get my phone taken away from me. joy." but when I talked to him later at night, he just asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, "I don't know" and he said something about keeping my grade up and that was it.

i think he said that he'd give me money later, too [we usually get $100 for our birthdays from our parents every year], but I didn't really catch it. I was so confused. I think I get to keep my phone...

lol, I found this video from one of my friends on Facebook. it's basically how most Asian parents react to their kids getting a B :P

very strange week.

oh, but something awesome came in the mail on wednesday! I came home and found a thin, flat package addressed to me, so I was trying to figure out what it was cuz I definitely didn't remember buying anything that wasn't a book and that was definitely not a book, lol.

it was the JYJ magazine that I had ordered! it's so big! I didn't expect the Billboard magazine to be so large. unfortunately, there was only one page about JYJ, but at least they were on the cover. I'm happy :D

also, on sunday or monday, JYJ was one of yahoo's main articles! I couldn't believe it! they're doing so good!

AND!!! I'm finally old enough to be able to watch R-rated movies! at the movie theaters anyway; I've been watching R-rated movies for years already :P 

no more waiting to watch the movies that just came out cuz I wasn't old enough to watch them! have you realized that most of the good movies that come out are the R-rated ones? I have :P

I haven't done anything special to celebrate my 17th birthday yet, but Shelle and I have planned on going somewhere on Sunday to celebrate it. at first, we had planned on just finding a random city and visit it, exploring and stuff, but then I remembered that I've always wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory cuz I love cheesecake and everyone says that it's amazing, so we planned on going there with Nicole and Megan and prolly also going to Chungdam, the Korean restaurant that we love to eat at.

but Shelle told Mommy about going to ATL and she was all against it, asking why did I want to go all the way to ATL to eat out. She called me telling me about how we might not be able to go after all by the way Mommy reacted, and said that I would probably have to convince Mommy to let us go which made me angry; I had totally forgotten that we needed the parent's permission to go anywhere :/ actually, I had just planned on asking Mommy to use the GPS saying that we were going out. I didn't plan on telling them where we were going.

Then a couple of hours ago, Mommy called me asking me basically what she asked Shelle and to think about just going out to eat at some other restaurant nearby cuz Daddy was most likely not going to agree to letting us go to ATL. why can't we? we did a month or two ago when we had a holiday. why can't we go to ATL again? it's only for one day. seriously, I HATE how they're so freaking...restrictive. and since I have B's, they'll prolly not let me go >:(

jeez, what a crappy birthday this is turning out to be.

I'm gonna go. I need to read and try to reduce my ginormous TBR piles of books :P


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