Sunday, September 7, 2008

So flippin funny for some reason!

Wednesday, September 3, 2009
So flippin funny for some reason!

So, just a couple of minutes ago, I was over at vinh’s house to print out my document for English tomorrow and to use the internet for a while to finish my powerpoint that was also for English that’s due tomorrow. I was only over there for around an hour but the first half, I didn’t even get anything done since the computers were actin gay and wouldn’t work with each other. So finally, vinh got the wireless interweb to work and the whole time, his mom was yellin and saying all of these crazy things about how I needed to hurry up cuz vinh needed to finish his work and all of this stuff. And that he needed to use the interweb, too, and that he had a tutoring session in 3 hours. For some reason, I couldn’t help but laugh and try to hold back the laughs. I mean, here’s vinh, trying to explain to his mom that the interweb will work and stuff, and then there’s his mom who’s all up-tight and wants us to be gone so that he can focus on his work.

It’s just so funny. I mean, I thought that my parents were bad when it came to stuff like that, but they are SO NOT. Nowhere near like his mom, thank god. I mean, every 5 minutes when I was on my laptop workin, she would come in and watch for a while. When I finally finished and needed to print out my paper and when we were alone, I told him that I felt sorry for him. He said that she’s normally not like that. It only happens when guests come apparently. Either way, I feel sorry for him.

While it was printing, he was askin me if I was really gonna go to the talent show since he was in it (it’s a musical talent show that HOCO has, and he was one of the ten who got chosen). I told him that it depends on when it is. Cuz if it was the weekend, I would of brought shelle with me, but he said that it was on the 30th of this month. On a Tuesday. I told him that I prolly couldn’t since it was at 7 and I couldn’t bring shelle with me. I dunno, it’s a while from now so we’ll see. I asked him if he was gonna go to watch our skool’s play once upon a mattress since I was gonna help build the props. He didn’t really get to answer since his mom came in then and it finished printing.

We left a minute after it finished printing. But yeah, for some reason, I cant help but find it funny and laugh at the situation. Mommy was a pissed cuz vinh’s mom was being so rude and stuff (on the way home, she got on the phone with daddy and was tellin him all about it), and told me that we were never goin over to his house again. Still cant help but chuckle. I should be feelin PO’ed too but I think that since it’s never happened to me before, I cant help but find it different. And to find out that my parents have never been as strict as his mom, was refreshing, I guess.

I really shouldn’t even be on here right now. I’ve got to finished reading my needed pages of the invisible man for our lit circles tomorrow and really need to get started on my social studies project. Not to mention, I failed the science test today so I really need to do something about that, too. And I need to double check on my English project that’s due tomorrow, too.

*sighs* such a busy week.

Shelle is now staying at daddy’s office in macon. On Saturday morning, daddy made us pack all of her things and moved it to the new house here in warner robins. It was so sudden, we didn’t know what was happening. But, for the rest of the day and sunday, she unpacked all of the stuff that she didn’t need to bring to daddy’s office and got the stuff that she did need for Monday when we were supposed to go there. So now, she has to wake up earlier and stuff and get driven to and back from skool like how me and brian had to do during our first few weeks of skool.

I thought that it’d be really sad and stuff to know that shelle was really gonna be farther away from me now that she’s gonna live in macon. And since we both didn’t have any interweb, it’d be even harder to talk to each other. But surprisingly, I’m okay. I expected to cry a little bit and stuff after skool, but I didn’t. I think it’s cuz I was kinda gettin used to it. You know, bein alone without her and stuff. She’s gonna be over this weekend, tho, so we’ll catch up then.

Found out that we get progress reports in 2 weeks. I need to keep my grades at what they are now or else I’m doomed.

I finally got to unpacking all of my boxes yesterday. Wow, I found my yearbooks and I was lookin through it for a while. It was so funny seein everyone and how different they were. And all of the stuff that I had packed away for months, wow, I forgot that I had all of that stuff. :P and I found all of this stuff that I saved from the previous years of the gang and stuff. Man, it really brought back the memories. I really wished that I could go visit them at skool or something.

And I got to thinking about how cool would it be if I really had a penpal. Someone who lived in another state who didn’t know about me unlike how it is with writing letters to haley and the rest of the gang. I really want to try it out and see who I’d be talkin to. It seems really interesting. And I’d love to give them secret assignments; that’d be really cool.

I really should be goin now.

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