Sunday, September 7, 2008

My letter to haley

Thursday, September 4, 2009

My letter to haley

Here’s a letter I just wrote to haley since I was stuck on my social studies project. I thought that this might give ya a little insight about what else been goin on and what I’ve been thinkin about.

So… I’m bored. And procrastinating like usual on my project. And since this is the first time in ages since I’ve last written to you, I thought that now would be a good time. :P it just so happens that I’m now working on a certain lame project instead…

Guess what? The interweb people came by today for a while! They said that we’ll finally have interweb tomorrow!!! Which is awesome cuz I have ANOTHER project to wrok on, too, that needs to use the interweb. No more bored outta my mind stuff, too!! XD

I found out that we could print stuff out at the school library for I think 30 cents a page. Not exactly sure, but maybe I could print some pics of stuff that I like on the interweb now? Oh! Then I could show you who I like from DBSK! Alright! Now I’ve gotta figure out how to do this!

o.O I just reread that paragraph. Wow… michelle was right. When I like things, I go all out. *sighs* I’m such an obsessive fangirl… :P

the other day, when I finally decided to unpack all of my boxes, I found all of these things that I’ve saved over the years that we did together. Do you remember the scrapebook that we started, I think, in 6th grade? Man, I couldn’t stop laughing and feeling nostalgic (heh heh, I still remember mrs. Callier explaining the meaning of that word to us) when I saw all of the pictures that we took. Everyone looked so much younger. Evan looked like he was in 3rd grade. :)

and I found a notebook that had some of the notes that we wrote to eachother in math and stuff. And I found my yearbooks that I couldn’t find! At, good times, good, times… cosmo, that idiot, he actually said something smart for once.

I really miss you guys.

It’s so ironic that while I was writing the last 3 paragraphs, sad songs kept playing. Right now, I’m Missing You is playing. How true.

Okay, I think that’s enough sadness for now! Oh! The funniest thing happened in English today! It went something like this:

I guess someone in the office left the speakers on on accident so the whole class heard someone talking in low voices.

Scott was asking if the noise came from the office.

Mr. Thompson heard that and said, “Alright scott, give me your phone.”

Scott got up and was walking towards him with his hand in his pocket.

When he was halfway there, mr. Thompson looked up and said, “I was only joking.”

Everyone started laughing when scott turned back around with an “oh” look of surprise on his face.

And then mr. Thompson said, “well, now that we know that you’ve got one… hand it over.”

So scott turned around AGAIN and mr. Thompson quickly said, “It was a joke,” when he realized that scott fell for it again.

While the whole class was laughing at him, he returned to his seat grumbling about how lame that joke was.

Hee, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. I mean, really, if anyone accuses you that you’ve got a phone, you’re suppose to deny it right away. The dummy.

Well, I gotta go and make an attempt on my project.

Miss ya lots,


So yeah, that’s it for the letter.

I’ve been writing in here a lot lately, haven’t I? I mean, I wrote in here yesterday! prolly cuz I don’t have any internet or anyone to distract me anymore like I usually do.

Well, yeah, I’m gonna go now.

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