Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor day holiday!

Friday, August 29, 2008
Labor day holiday!

Still no interweb. Still haven’t gone back to the old house since the last entry. I MIGHT be able to go back tomorrow, maybe. I really need to get the rest of my stuff from shelle’s room. And I really need to go on the internet. And I should be working on my tech theater project since it’s due on Tuesday and I should have been working on it earlier since it’s been assigned for 2 weeks. Not like I can help it tho; I never got all of the stuff that I needed.

Anyways, today was pretty cool. In tech theater, we finally got to go up on the catwalk in the auditorium. It’s the small place up in the auditorium where you go to fix the lights. It’s really high in the air. It was awesome. And since mrs. Jardin only let 4 of us up at a time, we got to do whatever we wanted down on the stage while we waited. We played taxi for a while. It was really hilarious.

And in math, mrs. Kirk accidently gave the other classes the wrong papers so she didn’t have any for us and she didn’t want us to be ahead of the other classes so we didn’t have to do work! I went to the office to get my bus schedule, and when I got back, all of the girls in my group were in the corner acting crazy with their ipod and phones out. The teacher wasn’t there so that was the reason why everything was out. All in all, we acted stupid, laughed a lot, and had a good time.

I feel so DBSK deprived. I’m so used to watching youtube stuff about them everyday. Although I’m listening to their music 24/7, it’s still not the same since I don’t get to see their faces and awesome clothes and hair. I should of downloaded as much music videos of them when I had the chance. But then my ipod would run out of space… I would of figured something out in the end.

I’m going over to vinh’s house tomorrow to use the internet for my projects, maybe I’ll sneak a few vids of them while I’m at it. :P I haven’t seen vinh in ages. Well, I think I saw him one day at school… I don’t think he recognizes me. I told shelle about it. She laughed. But yeah, I haven’t TALKED to him in ages so that’s gonna be weird.

And shelle’s coming over tomorrow since no one’s gonna be home at the old house since christina’s goin to ATL with her family and mommy doesn’t want her to be home alone all weekend. She said that she doesn’t want to go to vinh’s house. She has interweb, she doesn’t care like I do.

I really need a phone! And interweb! And a cheap way to write to haley so I don’t have to waste it on stamps! I never told you, did i? about how me and haley are writing to each other letters like in the year of secret assignments? Well yeah, we’ve been doin that just recently, and we used shelle to give each other our letters. But now, I cant give it to shelle until the weekend or maybe even later than that since I live here now. And I don’t want us to mail it to each other since it’s gonna cost us money for stamps (I’m not that worried about it but haley’s pretty poor and will prolly hafta pay for them herself), and I don’t like having to wait for at least 3 days to get a letter and the other way around. But that might be the only way.

Well, we’ll just hafta find a way soon.

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