Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A relaxing past few weeks

It's been a relaxing past couple of weeks just chilling at home or hanging out with friends that I keep on forgetting to blog about it.

David, Alec, and I went to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 the Monday after it came out. It was so good! Less humor but more plot this time, and I was not prepared to get so many feels at the end with all of the character development, lol. However, the best part was baby Groot, lol. He was so cute and angry, lol.

Later that week, Mikey and I helped Alec make homemade gnocchi at his house as part of the dinner we were going to have later at Harrison's apartment, where we were going to swim and grill chicken and vegetables at the grills near the pool. We ran a little late making the gnocchi and grilling in general, so the sun was already setting by the time we finished eating, which made swimming pretty cold. As such, Mikey, David, Jerry and I just sat around the pool while Alec, Harrison, and Kim swam and goofed around in the pool. Lol, Mikey had Harrison do a bunch of different dives into the pool, most of which looked really painful, all so he could put it on his Snapchat.

I walked during my graduation two weeks ago and had a graduation party the next day. It was a long event, lol. Graduation involved a lot of sitting and waiting, and the party was fun but exhausting because we essentially had a mini party in the afternoon and a full-sized party at night. I had to take a lot of pictures with everyone wearing my cap and gown, hood, tassels, and medal, which was super hot after the first five minutes, lol.

I got mad at David twice last week, which kind of accumulated to the point where I kept on wondering if maybe it was time to breakup since he kept on making the same mistakes and I just kept on getting angrier and angrier every time it happened. I talked about it with my friends though and realized that we really don't have a bad relationship and that sometimes you get in a slump in your relationship, and that it's just something that you go through.

But yeah, we ended up having a Wine Night with Shanice and Meethu, since Shanice was heading back in town last Friday. We ended up talking about relationship problems for a while along with job oddities and just catching up in general. It was really nice since I hadn't had a chance to really talk with them for a couple of months now.

This past Sunday, Victoria completely forgot that we were working out that day and slept in, so while we were waiting for her for 30 minutes, we made plans to go to IHOP for breakfast instead, lol. She messaged us to tell us about how she never even set an alarm the night before when we were almost done with our meals an hour later, lol. Afterwards, we made plans to meet up at one to hangout some more later after we showered and stuff.

We planned on kidnapping Kim and teaching her how to drive since she really needed to practice. But before that, we ended up watching how food was made while waiting for Jerry to show up, since he was still napping by the time we all met up. We drove over to the old mall in town that was bought out by the hospital nearby, since the parking lot was empty and easy to navigate for a new driver. We spent the next hour and a half--I think--teaching Kim the basics of the driving test and had her do all of the drills with Alec as her main teacher, since he's always the one explaining things in our friend group.

After that, we went back to Harrison's apartment to figure out where to go eat for dinner. We decided to go to Sushi Thai again since all of the other places we were interested in going to had already closed for the day or was closed on Sundays in general. -__-" We finally had Josh as our waiter, who has been trying to be our waiter and friend for a while now, lol. He ran into David a few weeks ago and asked for his number to try to be hangout with our friend group, but he's only been able to go to one of our workouts so far.

Then, Kim and I had to rush back to her house because I was supposed to go to pick their sister up from Macon with David 20 minutes ago, since Steph needed David drive her and her friend to Atlanta to one of her friend's apartments because they were all going on a trip to Costa Rica early the next morning. Basically, they couldn't park Steph's car at her friend's apartment, so David had to drive the car back home after Steph drove us up to Atlanta. Since we were near GA Tech, we decided to stop by Sublime and get some donuts, because I really love their fresh strawberry and cream donuts. :D

The next day, I hungout with Cam and Jessica until midnight because Cam's boyfriend decided to leave him while he was gone on vacation for a week with his family, so Jessica and I came over to cheer him up. Man, I love hanging out with them because it's basically endless hilarious story after story, and if it isn't hilarious, it's some type of crazy that's vastly entertaining, lol. Crazy stuff happens to them all of the time, and we don't hangout enough to catch up with each other like we should, so everything builds up in between hangout sessions, lol.

But yeah, that's basically all that's happened for these past few weeks. I hungout with David a lot in between everything, and we talked about a lot about our relationship and seemed like we were on the verge of breaking up once or twice, but I think we're working things out.

I also regret not reading any books these past few weeks when I actually had the time to crack open a book. Instead, I watched a lot of anime and read manga. I feel really guilty about not reading any of my bajillion books when I actually have the time to do so, but I think that's actually what's holding me back from reading them; I feel obligated to read them, which makes me not want to read them. -__-"

I start summer classes tomorrow. I'm not excited at all. I actually forgot to order my textbook until last week, but even then, I didn't have my mom's card to order it until today. I'm just really waiting for these next eight weeks to pass, because I really don't want to go to school anymore. I'm really to find a job and move out and start being an adult, lol. I'm tired of classes and homework and tests and all of the stress that comes with it.

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