Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One class almost down!

Spring Break starts next week, and I am READY. This month has been rough, especially the past two weeks where everything accumulated. This is because I'm taking an online class in addition to two at night classes at Mercer. The online class is only eight weeks long, so everything is condensed, which meant that I had a lot of homework due almost every week. 

Lol, the final project for this class was a marketing plan, which averaged to be around 15 pages based on the sample projects that he showed us in class. Instead of working on it slowly over the week, I basically spent an hour researching information the night before and writing the whole thing the next day. My paper was nine pages long. I'm not even aiming for an A anymore. -__-"

Now, I have to read the last six chapters of the textbook and take the final, and I'll finally be done with one of my classes! Does that mean that I'll use the extra time to actually do homework for my other classes once I'm done with this class? Probably not, lol. I'm terrible with time management. My motivation has really gone down since this semester started. 

But yeah, I'm really looking forward to Spring Break! We're planning a surprise birthday party this Friday night for Mikey because his birthday is next Sunday, so he'll never expect it, lol. He just thinks that we're all hanging out on Friday because we haven't had time to hang out as a group in a while. Lol, it's gonna be great. 

Ugh, I don't want to read six chapters though. I'm just procrastinating at this point, lol. Although there is this other manga series that I really do want to finish reading now that it's finally completed...

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