Friday, February 17, 2017

I love my friends (because we are awful to each other)

Like, I cannot express how much I love my friends and how awesome and hilarious and ridiculous they all are. Whenever we hangout, especially in a big group, things are always crazy fun. Oh man, I still laugh when I think about all of the embarrassing things we did to Jerry last Friday night, lol.

Our group decided to go to Sushi Thai last Friday since Mikey got out of work later than expected, so we couldn't go to the new Indian place in Macon like we had originally planned. This was totally fine because we all were down for sushi and had a blast the last time we went to Sushi Thai the previous month. This time, we were surprised by how packed it was and by the lively atmosphere since there was a live singer performing at the open upstairs portion of the restaurant.

We had a cute waitress named Gwen, who graciously put up with our ridiculousness as we decided on what to order and made fun of each other. Most of the guys had ordered a beer, and things just got funnier afterwards when another waiter came by to deliver the drinks since Gwen wasn't old enough to do so.

Because it was so busy, we didn't get our food for a while (we didn't even get our soup or salads until most of the food started arriving!), which just meant that we roasted each other even more as we waited for everyone to get their food, lol. The best part was when Jerry said that he didn't want to touch his chopsticks because his hands were sticky, and I was just like "Yaoi hands" like it was the answer to everything, because we always joke about how big his hands are that they eclipse the sun, lmao. He made this face at me, which was when I realized that our waitress was still at our table talking to one of our friends, so I was trying to say sorry, but I had already taken a bite of my pad thai, so it was hard to say anything. Alec saw the whole exchange and started laughing, which made Harnish want to know what happened, so I had to explain yaoi hands to both him and Harrison, and the whole table died when they heard about what I just said about Jerry, lol.

During one of the times when Gwen stopped by our table, we told her about how Jerry was a Sheriff who had a reputation for slamming people in the jail, so she thought that we were talking about this when he threatened to give us his hands throughout the night whenever we picked on him. It wasn't until we were wrapping up and paying for our meals that Mikey spilled the beans and asked her if she knew what yaoi hands were, and she straight up ran into the nearest corner of the restaurant and laughed into her hands for the longest time! XD

The best part was probably right when we were about to leave, because Harnish had told Gwen that it was Jerry's birthday, and he wanted her to get as many workers as possible to sing happy birthday for him. Harrison heard his evil plan and went along with it after beating him up after she walked away, lol.

The thing is, apparently Harnish and Jerry were both in band together when we were all in high school together, and it was a band thing where they would all wish Jerry a happy birthday everyday. That's why when Harnish found out that Jerry was coming to eat dinner with us, he and Harrison started saying happy birthday to him, which annoyed him a lot, lol.

So when another waitress stopped by our table by the end of the night and asked us who the birthday boy was, we all paused for a second and immediately pointed towards Jerry because we are assholes, lololol. They then asked us who the birthday boy was, so we told them to sing to Jerbear instead of Jerry because that was his embarrassing nickname that Mikey told us when he first introduced him to us, lol.

We found out that our waitress actually sang opera from the waitress we had the last time we came to Sushi Thai, so while a group of workers sang happy birthday to Jerry, we would randomly hear Gwen singing in opera, which somehow made everything even more hilarious. And then, right when we were finally leaving our table, one of the waiters who sang happy birthday said, "I hope you have a happy birthday Jerbear!" We died laughing again, lol.

Lol, it sounds like we just embarrassed Jerry all night, but we all roasted each other throughout the night. David was acting really weird throughout the whole night, which was both amusing and odd, lol. Jerry's was just the most eventful and memorable though. Regardless, Harrison said that he's not friends with us anymore, lol. We're too embarrassing for him, lmao.

A smaller group of us went out to eat at Genghis Grill in Macon last night, which was fun. It was nowhere as embarrassing as it was last week though, lol. However, because Alec was still hungry, we ended up going to the Publix a couple of stores down from Genghis Grill and bought a pack of muffins and ended up huddled up on the only bunch outside of Publix and eating them in 50 degree weather as we talked and goofed off for a while.

I'm definitely glad that I've gotten closer to a lot of my friends that I've met or met again in college and that their friends that they brought along are also really cool and friendly.

Lol, we had originally planned on getting sushi together at least once a month, so I wonder what ridiculousness we'll have in store for March.

(Also, we plan on going out to eat in a big group with Jerry again and telling every place we go to that it's his birthday, because we love him so much, lol.)

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