Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hilariously fun weekends!

These past few weekends have been super busy and fun, and I'm still trying to recover from them all, lol.

On Halloween weekend, I was invited to three parties. I only ended up going to two of them because I had homework I needed to do on Sunday, lol.

Alec ended up hosting a Halloween party at his house on Friday for MViet like how he did last year, so I went to that party first. Whenever Alec visits me at my house, he usually brings a Nerf gun and shoots me with it in a surprise attack. Because Kyle gave me three of his Nerf guns since he didn't need them anymore, I decided to bring all of them to Alec's house to return the favor. Since last semester, we've been wanting to have a Nerf war between MViet and LASO, but the timing never panned out, so Alec's just been slowly building up his weapons in preparation for a war, lol. So after I came over and shot him, we (David, Kim, Alec, and I) ended up having a little war waiting for the rest of the people to show up.

More people came over--a lot of them new MViet members that I hadn't met yet--so we just ended up shooting the people that we knew like John and Sagar, lol. We hungout and ate a bunch of delicious food that Alec and his mom made. We became pyromaniacs for a while since Alec had made a bonfire earlier, so we were just burning everything, lol. Then, before we knew it, half of the group had devolved into an all-out Nerf war while the other half of the room either watched or played card games and got hit in the crossfire, lol. It was great. I ended up hitting Mikey in the balls twice and made a lot of head shots and was hit everywhere as well.

The next day, Carina and her roommates were having a party at their place, so Harrison, Alec, and I went to it. Because we were required to be in costume, Harrison made a hilarious Wonder Woman costume, Alec made an inflatable man costume, and I wore the giraffe onesie that Michelle bought for me a couple of months ago. I stupidly thought that headbutting Alec while he was in costume would be a good idea. It wasn't. My forehead was still a little sore the next day.

Not many people came to the party, which sucked because they all put a lot of effort into decorating their house, so it looked amazing. But the food was good, and we got to chill and hangout, which was nice since it's been hard to hangout with Carina and Alec lately since they're both so busy.

We made s'mores with their bonfire outside and got to know her roommates some more. Oh, and I almost burned my costume because there were candles on the ground, and I forgot that my onesie had a little tail in the back. 

As usual whenever we see each other, we come up with a bunch of group hangout ideas that we need to do and try to plan stuff out. As usual, things come up, so we still haven't really had a chance to carry out any of our plans. -__-"

The next weekend was my birthday, but because it was also homecoming weekend, everyone was busy, so I mainly spent my weekend with David, Shelle, and Kyle. David treated me out to lunch, and we went exploring around a couple of stores before having to go pick up Kim at college. We ended up going to Target to buy some discounted Halloween candy, lol. Shelle and Kyle came down that night, so my mom made a feast for dinner, and we just pigged out, lol. The next day, Shelle, Kyle, and I went shopping again because they wanted to go to Books A Million and Gottwals, and I needed to get stuff from Walmart. 

That weekend was just spent shopping, lol. I had cleaned out my wallet because I was tired of how fat and heavy it was and had found a lot of unused gift cards, so I ended up using four of them. I'll post a haul sometime later this month to show all of the books that I bought since I had used both of my Books A Million and Barnes and Noble gift cards.

This past weekend, the crew and I had plans to go clothes shopping since Alec and Harrison needed new clothes, watch Dr. Strange, and have a sleepover, but we had to cancel that since my mom wanted to throw a birthday party for my bro and me since our birthdays are in November. Really, it's just an excuse for the party since my parents go to parties all of the time, so they said that it was their turn to throw a party.

Harrison, Alec, and Mikey all made it to the party, which made everything funner. David brought along Kim, so it was hilarious watching Kim react to all of our craziness and even get dragged into it, lol. Michelle and Kyle bought me the new Exploding Kittens expansion called Imploding Kittens, so we played it for a while. It was hilarious watching everyone try to screw each other over and trying to pay attention so that we wouldn't get the cone of shame. XD 

So yeah, it's been pretty fun these past few weeks. I've been so busy/lazy that I didn't have enough time to study for my financial analysis class, so I think I failed my test on Monday, but who knows. I've gotten past the point of caring now. :/

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