Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Break is Over :(

I feel like this Spring Break went by way too fast! It went by in the blink of an eye. Now I'm back at school trying to remember how to be productive again, lol.

David and I went up to visit my sis and her fiance for half of the break since Meethu, Emily, and I had made plans on that Friday. David and I were planning on going back home on Wednesday but ended up extending it to Thursday, lol.

We mainly came up to visit Shelle and Kyle to help them clean up their new house that they just bought. That, and to eat at Iron Age, which renovated and expanded after they bought the restaurant next to them sometime last year. Omg, it was so good! Their menu also expanded, and we ended up trying lots of different types of food.

David and I went up on Saturday after I dropped off and picked up Brian from his ACT test at Mercer, and helped them pack some boxes in their guest room that we were staying in. The next day, visited our grandma for a little bit, we cleaned the house some and found out that the previous owner had messed around with the drainage in the backyard, so that was another problem they had to address.

Afterwards, we went to Iron Age to eat Korean BBQ, which was heavenly. Then, we went to Dave & Busters to walk off all of the food that we ate. Shelle and Kyle were addicted to playing this SpongeBob game where you drop coins and hope that the coins and cards fall down to earn tickets. If you collected all nine different SpongeBob character cards, then you would get 5,000 tickets or something ridiculous like that. Shelle and Kyle ended up getting two sets of the nine cards plus many extra duplicate cards. Basically, they had way too many tickets in the end and not much that they wanted to buy with them, so they bought the mugs that David wanted and the candy that I wanted along with these donut pillows for us, lol.

The next day, we ran a lot of errands with Shelle, who took the day off, and did a lot of cleaning. I finished cleaning the last bathroom while David vacuumed and Shelle steam cleaned. We stopped cleaning after Kyle got home from work and chilled and made dinner.

Tuesday was an off day for David and me, since both Shelle and Kyle had work. We met up for lunch and grocery shopping with David's mom and his older sis, Steph, since they were in town. After that, we went to the outlet mall near Shelle and Kyle's apartment and I finally bought some tennis shoes! Mikey and Alec have been getting onto me about my converses every time I workout with them, lol. David actually paid for them since he promised to do so a long time ago and because he felt bad for making me mad at him earlier in the week.

Wednesday, we went hiking on Kennesaw Mountain. It was fun at first because I was talking pictures for my black and white photography class. Then we hit the end of the first trail we were on that led to two different trails, one that was .9 miles long and one that was 2.5 miles long. Guess which one David chose to hike: the 2.5 miles one.

It was fine for the first mile, but after a while, I started getting hungry, and because we didn't pack any snacks since David said that we wouldn't need any, I started getting really hangry with him. Then, because we had parked in a different location than what we thought, we pretty much had to walk around half of the mountain to find our car, so I was even more pissed with him since we didn't turn around and walk back the first trail we went on like I mentioned the first time. Pretty much, we spent four hours hiking and walking from 10:30-2:30, so it was also pretty hot as well.

Once we got back, all I wanted to do was eat, shower, and nap forever I was so tired. That's pretty much what we did until Kyle and Shelle got home, lol. We went to their Wing Chun class later that night as well. It was pretty cool seeing all of their moves. 

The next day, we went home. I stayed at David's place for a couple of hours until he had to go run an errand for his dad. Then I went home and just chilled. Emily texted Meethu and me and told us that she had the flu, so we had to cancel our plans of visiting her at GA Southern, which sucked. Meethu and I made plans to go workout the next day instead, lol.  

Our workout wasn't as extreme as the ones Mikey made us do, so I actually wasn't that bad off although I had to stop doing arm exercises because my right shoulder was acting up again. But yeah, working out with Meethu, who doesn't workout much, made me realize just how much I've improved in the past few months. It just never really seemed like I improved much since Mikey and Alec are always so far ahead of me in terms of strength and stamina. Regardless, it's nice to know that I am actually improving.

My mom called and told us (my bro and me) that she wasn't coming home that night, so David ended up spending the night. We showered and pretty much just chilled for the rest of the night. By this point, I was super addicted to reading The Legend of Sun Knight series by Yu Wo, so I couldn't stop reading, lol. That's pretty much how the rest of the weekend passed by with me just reading.

So yeah, the break's over, and I'm just really sad about this, lol.

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