Friday, March 18, 2016

Perspective and Trust

Let's take a minute to talk about perspective and trust.

Today, my bf drove up to Kennesaw with one of his friends to visit another friend who had just transferred to Kennesaw State University. Sounds innocuous, right? Now, let's add a few details: he drove up with his friend who had made a pass at him earlier on in their relationship when Tre thought that he was gay, and they're visiting my bf's ex-gf who my bf has had a crush on since high school. Sounds a lot worse now, huh? Not to mention, his ex even called him once when she was high on anesthesia after a dentist appointment and told him that she regretted that their relationship didn't work out. 

Man, relationships are complicated, lol. But it doesn't have to be. I mean, I knew about all of this way before this trip even happened; David tells me everything that happens to him, so I know that he's on good terms with both of his friends. That, and because I'm also friends with the both of them, it's not a big deal to me about all of the things that happened between them and David, because I know nothing's going to happen. I mean, Tre pretty much told both me and David that I was Tre's gf now, lol. 

The main reason why I'm okay with David still being friends with the both of them is because I know that David loves me and would never cheat on me. It's as simple as that. He's been cheated on before (with his ex), and he hates that feeling the most, so he never wants to do that to anyone else. And I trust him. That's why I'm never jealous, because I know that he'll always come back to me. 

But yeah, I was driving home today thinking about life when I realized that David went on a trip to hangout with people who've shown interest in him before and thought that it was pretty funny.

Now I gotta go make this green tea cheese cake brownie for Jenny's party tonight! :)

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