Saturday, February 20, 2016

Shows I'm Currently Watching: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, GATE

It's been a long while since I wrote one of these posts. -__-" They're also kind of mini anime reviews since I couldn't help but put my opinions into it, lol.


Also called Snow White with the Red Hair, I've been interested in this manga series in general before the anime came out; I just never got around to reading it since it was still ongoing. This is without a doubt one of the most shojo-est anime that could ever be created, lol. But I say that in the best way possible, since I just love the characters so much. My boyfriend was actually interested enough in it to watch the the first season with me, and now we're slowly catching up with the second season, which is still ongoing. The slow burn and plot is killing me. XD

I started watching this because my friend recommended it to me, and boy was he right. After watching a couple of okay anime series that included harems, this one was a breath of fresh air. For one, the protagonist isn't a rash, young teenage boy; Itami is a 33 year-old otaku who works in the Self Defense Force as a means to support his hobby. He is the opposite of your typical hero, and it's great, because he's full of contradictions. He's incredibly smart but lazy and great at fighting and tactics but always trying to find the most peaceful solutions. And he always ends up saving the day and getting rewarded when he doesn't want to. 

All of the other characters are great as well. They have their own backstories and unique identities which are slowly revealed, and they're not dumb either. I liked how there wasn't any insta-love for any of the girls in his harem; everything happened naturally where they learned to trust him on their own terms. The best part is hands down the comedic moments spread interspersed between all of the heavy politics and killing though.

But yeah, I watched the first season within a day or two and convinced my boyfriend to watch it, too. He loved it. Now we're eagerly waiting to watch the new episodes of the second season every Friday, lol.


This anime is called World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman in English, which makes it sound super awesome, right? Too bad it's just okay. I really don't know why I started watching this, lol. I'm more surprised that I finished watching it, since I was pretty irritated watching it at times. Like, there's always that one super annoying, high-pitched voice that you hate hearing in a lot of anime, and it just had to be the main love interest's voice... However, it had its moments, and the fight scenes were pretty cool. Pretty much, this is one of those anime you watch once and never remember about again.

Translated into English, this anime is called Chivalry of a Failed Knight. The plot's very similar to The Irregular at Magic High School where the protagonist is considered a loser according to the school's credentials but is really a boss using unconventional methods. However, it has its differences, which I also liked about it. I actually liked the story arcs for certain characters.

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