Friday, July 4, 2014

Going on a mini-vacation

Happy Independence Day!

I'm gonna be in DC with my family all weekend and won't be coming back until Monday, so I probably won't be able to post anything until Tuesday.

I don't know what we're gonna be doing--my dad just wanted to take us to DC since the last and only time we went as a family, we were only little kids--but I hope there's wifi because my parents and bro used most of the data while they were in Hawaii, and I really want to get on Tumblr today just to see all of the patriotic parodies on there, lol. 

I mean, look at these two: 

So yeah, I'll be on a little hiatus for now, but I haven't really been posting much on weekends lately anyway, so I doubt you'll miss me. :P

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to read a bunch of chapters and take an online quiz for class since I won't be able to do it before I come back and hangout with Lauren for a bit before I leave tomorrow. XD

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