Friday, December 6, 2013

what is sleep?

No really, what is sleep. I haven't had more than five hours of sleep every day this week since I've been so busy working on group projects, studying for a test, preparing for presentations, taking breaks to read fics, and regretting my life choices. 

I'm exhausted, and this is just the week before finals. Luckily, yesterday, one of my professors decided to cancel his final and have a pizza party instead. :D I was planning on cramming for his final all weekend, hoping to bring up my grade, but now I don't have to! I mean, I think I'll still have a B in his class even if I aced his final, so I really don't care about my grade in that class anymore so long as I don't get a C, so having a party instead of cramming is freaking awesome.

That gives me more time to work on my research paper that I should have started working on a month and a half ago. -__-" And I still need to really study for my Microecon final since I actually have a C in that class and work on my Social Media take-home final. D: But yeah, I think I can handle my finals better now that I have one less to worry about. c:

Also, because I've been on campus until eight or nine almost every night this week, I've barely had time to eat anything that I didn't get from the UC or a sandwich and snacks that I packed. As a result, I really miss eating vegetables. Actually, I really miss eating anything non-American right now, lol. I want some Asian food!

Anyway, I've spent the last two hours working on my Social Media final and am around halfway done, so I think I deserve a break to go home and eat something Asian and probably take a nap or watch Supernatural (I'm finally on season 9!). 

So yeah. I'm gonna try to catch up on sleep tonight and worry about everything else tomorrow after work. :P

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