Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kpop Appreciation Post: VIXX, Phantom, Jaejoong

It's been a few months since I've done one of these posts. That's mainly because I haven't been on YouTube for quite a while, busy with college and whatnot. But the semester's over, so I'm slowly working my way through all of my subscriptions. I feel like I'll never be up to date with YouTube, but it's okay. I've already resigned myself to having an overflowing inbox of subscription notifications til the end of time. :P

These are some music videos that have caught my attention lately. I think most of these were released last month, so they're not that old. I just couldn't not mention them, lol.

First is VIXX's song "Voodoo Doll"! Oh man, where do I begin? This music video is dark and gory and I love it! I love how whenever VIXX goes back to dark songs, they get darker and darker with each comeback, and "Voodoo" is their most disturbing yet. Just watch it for yourself! Caution for the queasy though.

The song is catchy, not as catchy as "hyde" but still enough to get you bopping your head along with the song, which seems inappropriate if you're watching the mv, lol. In addition, the song gets better each time you listen to it, at least for me. :)

I love the atmosphere in the mv. The scenery really fits the song along with the costumes and effects. Totally love the black blood splatters every time they get stabbed in the heart and how the props fit the song/dance, which is also really awesome.

Then there's Phantom's new song, "New Era" featuring Navi. Phantom never fails to produce really awesome songs. Like most of their songs, their songs manage to have this perfect blend of singing and rap that fits the tempo of the song. In addition, they featured Navi in here, so hearing them with a female voice was different, but her since her voice fit so well with the song that I immediately liked it.

Watch it yourself! Although, BEWARE, this mv is not suitable for young children.

If you watched the mv, you'd notice the many scantily clad bodies and the super flexible pole dancer. well, according to the comments, the pole dancer is actually a guy, which kind of blew my mind when I first read about it. There's nothing wrong with male pole dancers, but damn, I totally thought he was a woman!

I do have a problem with the music video and message of the song. They both basically objectify women, and that's something I do not approve.

They also have a naked version of the song, which I was definitely not expecting them to release, what with Korea being all conservative. I guess I shouldn't be that shocked though, since the original mv basically had naked women already in it. :P

I love Jaejoong's voice, and I love it when he does rock songs, so "Just Another Girl" is an automatic fav of mine. :)

I swear, this guy does not age. XD He still looks as ethereally pretty with nice arms as he ever did, lol. But yeah, I just like this song; the tone of it and his voice go well together, as expected.

The music video wasn't that interesting compared the others mentioned in this post, but I liked it enough. Crashing, exploding things are always interesting to watch in slo-mo. :P And sleeveless Jaejoong is never a bad thing.

And that's all for now, because while I'm trying to catch up on my Kpop subscriptions, I'm also spread out catching up on reading books, reading manga, reading fanfics, watching movies, and watching TV shows in addition to hanging out and catching up with my friends.

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