Wednesday, December 18, 2013

i'm slightly sick :/

Nothing like being slightly sick to start off Winter Break. -__-"

Shelle came home on Friday with a cough, which turned into the flu the next day. Of course, because we hung out for a long while on Saturday after my last final was over and before Shelle had hit the brunt of the flu (we just thought she was developing a cold), I had to develop a cough on Monday. And it wasn't just me.

My mom and bro also got sick. My bro definitely caught the flu. Not surprising since he has the worst immune system ever. My mom's sick, too, judging by her coughs and how tired she gets. I think she has the flu, too, but she hasn't really said anything. 

Luckily for me, I just have a cough and mild fever. I think my fever's passed since I'm not fluctuating from too hot to too cold anymore today, so I just have an annoying cough along with the constant urge in the back of my throat to hurl. Yeah, that's a recent development. -__-

But yeah, I haven't felt like doing much these past few days because I've been so tired. That might be because I still haven't been getting enough sleep, which I will get into in a bit, and also because of the medicine making me sleepy, except for at night when I actually welcome its effects drowsy, to want to do anything. :\

Seriously, I tried going to bed early around 11 Monday night, but I woke up around one and couldn't go back to sleep until around five. I guess my body thought that I was taking a nap and woke up after a few hours instead of letting me get more than six hours of sleep. -__-"

But my lack of sleep might also be because of my current sleeping position. After my last final on Saturday, I went out for lunch with Cam to celebrate the end of the semester. Then, because I've been thinking about getting my ears pierced again since my birthday, Cam took me to a tattoo parlor to do it. We actually went to two parlors; the first one's piercer wouldn't be in until a couple of hours, which we didn't have time to spare, so we went to another one that Cam went to before to get his nipples pierced. 

So, after some paperwork and waiting, I got my cartilage pierced on both ears. The thing about newly pierced ears is that you're not supposed to sleep on them for a couple months. Seeing that I usually sleep on my right side, I knew that getting both ears pierced was gonna make it impossible to sleep anyway but flat on my back. And that was fine with me; I've slept on my back plenty of times before. I really didn't think it would get in the way of my sleeping, especially since I'm usually so tired that I almost immediately pass out whenever I go to bed, and with the last week staying up late everyday because of finals, I thought that it would be easy to sleep.

I was wrong. Maybe it's also because of the medicine and being sick, but it still takes a while to fall asleep. In addition, my internal clock still likes to wake me up around 8:30 every morning, so there goes my hope for ever sleeping in, lol. 

You'd think taking naps would be the perfect solution, but you're wrong. For me, naps just screw up my sleeping schedule even more, so I avoid naps as best I can, which is difficult when almost all medicine makes me sleepy, even if they claim to be non-drowsy. 

Anyway, I don't feel terrible, so hopefully I'll get over this mild flu by the end of the week, because I would really like to hang out with my friends some time soon. :P

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