Thursday, July 19, 2012

Licensed! :o

Finally got my driver's license today! I was so surprised to find out that I pass, lol. I really didn't think that I would since I had only practiced driving parallel and reverse parking the other day. 

But... my dad and I forgot to bring some proof of residency, so I only have a temporary paper license for now until I bring in some. But that's fine with me since I would have received my license in the mail anyway. 

I'm just happy that I won't have to take the test a second time and that I won't have to wake up so early in the morning to go to the farm with my mom to practice driving anymore. \o/ 

The sad thing is that I'm getting used to waking up at seven now, which sucks since I'm still used to getting up around 8:30-9 even though I sleep around 1-3 every morning. 

And now I'm going to celebrate by watching some variety show, cuz that's how I roll. :P


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