Monday, January 24, 2011

randomness... too much to do! >:|

I realized something odd while I was putting away the laundry earlier...out of all the people in my house, my brother's pile of clothes is usually the biggest compared to everyone else. O_O He's also the youngest in the family and a BOY at that. Lol, what does he do? Change twice everyday?

But yeah, I usually end up doing the laundry since everyone else is either not home or too busy to even notice that the basket's overflowing. Or it's Brian who does not know how to do any household chore besides vacuuming. :P

Took this pic a couple of weeks ago when I was walking home from babysitting. The amount of birds flying past was practically endless! 

This week is so busy! I have at least one test, quiz, project, lab report, paper, and/or reading every day for the rest of the week! There's not enough time to do everything! I'm never gonna sleep this week either! Last week was just as bad! ;__;

*sobs* This is just too much! When's our next break?! XP

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