Sunday, August 15, 2010

i've got an addiction O__O

i'm a book shopaholic.

i spend wayyy too much money on books. and i've already got piles of books to read O__O

why am i buying so many books?! it's not like i've got the time to read them all in the first place! >__<

today, i spent $93 on books off of amazon; almost $100! i bought 15 books in all. 
[those aren't the books that i bought, altho they do look interesting...XD i'll take a pic later of all of my books once they all come in]

...omg, what was i thinking?!

but if you think about it, i actually didn't spend that much money for all of them. 100 divided by 15 equals around 7 per book, and i bought a couple hardback books which usually cost around $16-18. 

i bought alot of bargain books and used books off of amazon XD manga for $4, heck yes~ :P

so now that i'm over agonizing spending so much money today, i can't wait for all of the packages to come next week ^^ they'll be so much~ i'm expecting around at least 7 packages.

i love getting packages in the mail; they make me smile :D especially since i'll get to get them after i get home from school when i feel all tired and stuff XD i get all excited when i get new books and stuff even tho i don't get to immediately read them -__-"

oh yeah, so last year, emily told me that they were making a book club for this year and she signed me up for it since she knew that i'd join, and since she was the vice president already. anyway, our first meeting was last friday and it was really fun, i was even made treasurer :P 

the president, erin, told us what we were gonna do [read books that had movie tie-ins, and then watch the movie] and we tried to pick a book to read for next month and tried to think of how to get more members to join since there were only 9 people there.

it was decided that we were going to read a variety of genres so the majority decided to read a biography first. there were alot of interesting suggestions on what to read but i suggested that since the majority of the members have never read a biography willingly, we'd try to find one that sounded interesting ourselves with a movie tie-in and decide at our next meeting which was next friday, and pres okayed that. so now, i've got to try to find an interesting biography :P

and, we had all agreed to have a pizza party during our next meeting to try and recruit new members. we were going to buy 2 My Father's pizzas which are these super huge rectangular pizzas that can feed more than 6 people per pizza, and everyone was going to chip in $6 to pay for it.

i decided to not do debate this year. i really like the feeling of nervous anticipation that you get waiting for your turn to do a speech, and the admiration and wanting to do better when you hear a really good speech that you get when you're in the competitions, but i just don't think that i'd have time to do any of the competitions since i had to do alot of reading and studying for my AP classes and i had to babysit. 

the debate club meeting was also on friday, but i made up my mind on thursday night to not do debate this year. i had to stop by the debate meeting either way, tho, since sydney was my ride home anyway :P surprisingly, alot of people showed up to join debate. but not many people wanted to join IE which is sad since it's so fun.

actually, i lied, well...kind of. besides not having any time for debate, there was another reason why i didn't want to join this year, but i'm not entirely sure why either myself o.O 

i think it's cuz i'm not that good at it and i don't want to keep on doing okay, cuz it doesn't seem like i'm improving [not like i'd have much proof on that anyway since i've only been to 2 competitions >.>], and i don't know, it's so awkward trying to talk to the other policy members in the club. i don't know why either! ;-;

ugh...i don't want to go to school, it makes me think about things that i don't want to =3=

it's almost time for me to go to bed and i need to finish watching this episode of music bank [lucifer! minho's actually going to dance now! XD] before i do, so bye for now!

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