Monday, August 9, 2010

i'm so tired

so, grandma's was fun. very tiring, but very fun. i can't believe how much the kids grew! but then again, the last time i saw them all was probably around christmas or something. 

on the way up, shelle and i went and visited our old house that we used to live up there. we didn't really go in and stuff, we just looked at the house and our old neighborhood in general [which is alot smaller than i remembered it to be]. 

the house looked pretty much the same, except for all of the grown plants in the front yard! you couldn't even see half of the house because of the giant tree and bush!

then we quickly stopped by our old elementary and primary school and acted like creepers slowing down to take pictures of them really quickly. 

then we went to the North Point Mall to get nicole a present and we were rushed the whole time we were there. megan called and wanted to go out to eat lunch with nicole and thien and us, so we kept on rushing and trying to hurry, and in the end, we didn't even go out. we just ate at grandma's house. 

after an hour there, since nicole and megan didn't want to stay at grandma's house any longer and they wanted to go out, we went to this other big mall, Linux, [of course we didn't tell them that we had already went to a mall] and we hardly bought anything there cuz they only had the super expensive stores like bloomingdales and stuff.

and then, on sunday, there was a party at lily's house that we went to for a while before going to the Mall of Georgia cuz nicole and i needed some clothes for school since we both started school today [talk about it later]. 

we didn't have much time to go shopping cuz it took around 45 minutes to get there and it closed at 6 on sundays. we got there sometime around 4. and in the end, i guess it was because we were just so tired, none of us hardly bought anything.

and then we went back to the party and hung out for a few hours before driving home. 

it's really weird, usually, whenever i go to a mall, especially all of those big malls that we just went to last weekend, i'd most likely find alot of stuff that i'd like to buy. but lately, there's nothing at the stores that are worth buying. either the clothes or stuff look really awesome but they're super expensive, or they look really lame and are not worth buying.

so yeah, first day of school today. i can't believe i'm a junior now; it really doesn't feel like it. 

since i've got 2 AP classes, i'm gonna have alot of homework and studying to do. i've already got homework in bio which i'm supposed to be doing [reading a whole chapter!]. 

i finally got all of my original choices of electives this year! intro to graphics and computing in the modern world. graphics sounds super awesome and fun. but computing in the modern world doesn't sound that great anymore. especially since i'm surrounded by a whole bunch of guys and i don't know anyone in the class. it's just like computer applications from last year, except i had at least one person from another class in there. 

this year, we're having 7 classes everyday, no more block schedules, which i'm kinda sad about. i mean, 7 classes is too much. i burn out by the end of the day and my last class is really sucky [from what i've experienced so far] so i don't think i'll like 7th period. but whatever, i'll get through :P

but yeah, i'm just procrastinating from reading my bio chapter cuz i keep on almost nodding off trying to read it, and i don't want to take a nap cuz then it'll take me forever to go to bed at night. but i'll go now and try to finish it. only 6 more pages to go. 


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