Monday, August 2, 2010

can't wait for thursday!

i'm so ready to go to grandma's house! even though i'll still be helping babysitting my cousins up there, i'll enjoy seeing them so much more since i only get to see them a few times a year anyway. and i'm not even blood-related to my cousins up there but i've known them way longer than i do than my blood-related cousins that i'm babysitting right now.

anyway, the plan is for shelle to drive us two up there early in the morning around 8 or 9 and we're gonna first go see our old house that we used to live up there. then, we're gonna go to the North Point Mall [which is huge] cuz it's nearby and we still haven't really gotten anything for nicole's birthday. and we plan on arriving at grandma's house by noon.

and then we'll spend the rest of the time there doing what we usually do: laze around the house, go out for late night randomness, and go to the mall of GA [which is also huge]. and on sunday, shelle will drive me home and finish packing for her cali trip and leave to go back to grandma's house on monday morning while i go back to my first day of school.

i finally got to go over to krista's house yesterday! i've only been inside her house once and that was for a  really short time, like a couple of minutes, and i only got to see her living room for a bit. but yeah, shelle and i came over for a bit to give her our birthday presents [both of us gave her alot of random stuff and shelle gave her a TOP mini-poster and i gave her this huge g-dragon poster that she wanted on ebay], planning on going to wal-mart to print out some pictures, then going to eat sushi for lunch, and then going home to study and do our homework.

but we got distracted and delayed because of her and her dogs ^^" and then, in the end, we ended up taking her along with us to do all of our errands and eating lunch with us at Sushi Thai. we stopped by BAM for a bit before eating cuz they were closed or something while switching from lunch to dinner [why is dinner starting at 2 in the afternoon there??].

by the time we finally got home, stuffed from awesome sushi, it was 4 and we ended up not even studying or doing our homework like we had planned. instead of reading 1984 [i finished Brave New World on saturday, it was pretty good] like i wanted to, i caught up on allkpop and my mail and finished reading a manga series called BxB Brothers =__="

you would not guess what manga i stumbled upon the other day. High School Musical, the manga. it's not licensed in the US tho [YET, anyway], so i guess it was just made for japan only. either way, i couldn't believe it :P

i finished watching Pandora Hearts the same day that i posted my last post. it was pretty good. i finished it in 2 days :D but i did that mainly cuz i knew that i'd be distracted if i didn't finish it while trying to do my AP homework. so yeah, i kinda just finished watching it in the middle of the night -__-"

anyway, i hope that there's going to be a second season cuz altho the ending was pretty good for an ending, there was so much more that they could of shown cuz the show was most certainly not over yet. i mean, alice never finished getting her memory back yet!

but all of the discussions have said that it might take a few years for the next season to come out cuz the manga hasn't even gotten that far yet. so, while i wait for that, i'm gonna eventually read the manga :D

another series that i should catch up on is Glee. i'm still around 10 episodes behind even tho the season ended a couple of months ago. i need to watch them all before the new season starts, whenever that is...

found this funny pic of voldy promoting Glee XD

and i really want a fluffy unicorn like in Despicable Me! 

at the wally world that we usually go to, they had a crane thingy that had the unicorns and minions that were in Despicable Me. when krista went with us to develop the pics, she tried to get a unicorn for me, but there were too deep in the sides to get, and when she tried to get a minion instead, the stupid crane wouldn't pick it up properly, so we had to give up :(

now to kpop :D [be prepared for alot of pictures again ^__^]

i feel like i'm neglecting most of the members of DBSK since i usually post pics of jae on here compared to the rest of the members [i can't help it! i'm biased, and he's so photogenic!] so here's some pics of yunho and mickey. 

yunho looks HOT and mickey looks adorable like usual XD

and a pic of eunhyukie with donghae and sungmin. love the bromance XP

and SHINee when they were at eunhyuk and leetuek's radio, Sukura Kiss the Radio. they're so cute!

still a little shocked about key's hair, but it's grown on me. i was not surprised to find out that he was the one who suggested it.

and taemin's so cute! he looks better when he ties his hair back. less feminine :P

taeyang's going to release an international album! there's going to be 2 new songs that weren't on his SOLAR album and an english version of Wedding Dress. i can't wait to hear it!

i so want to go to 2PM's concert! especially after seeing all of these pics! oh my god! what is going on?! O__O

i laughed when i compared wooyoung who could go from super hot in one performance to super adorkable the next XD

and now that danny's mom has come home, it's time to leave.

but before i do, one more pic. i found it on someone's siggy :D

peace ^_^V

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