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an asian update

ever since shelle and i left for grandma's house last week, i've been behind in almost all asian news, especially on allkpop. so, for the past week, i've been trying to catch up after school when i was supposed to be doing homework and studying [mainly for bio].

now, i have alot of open tabs and pics waiting to share with you! and i'm still not done catching up! O__O

firstly, BoA's going to star in a hollywood movie! like jay, the movie's going to be about dancing, so i think that she'll do great, especially since she's been learning english for the past year anyway. i don't think she's had prior acting experience, tho, since she spent most of the last past few years promoting in japan, so that could be one of the main problems for the movie. but BoA's young, and from what i can tell, really determined, so i think the movie will turn out alright.

the director, Duane Adler, directed Step Up which was pretty good, so i think the movie's going to do okay. filming starts at the beginning of next year!

man, i was already wishing to go to SMTOWN LIVE this year even tho it didn't have all of DBSK in it since there would be Super Junior and SHINee there at least that would keep me fangirling like crazy. but now, i REALLY wish that i could live in LA cuz it turns out that SMTOWN LIVE is going to last for SIX HOURS. that's like, epically super long! and there's going to be special duets and stuff too! i so wanna go!

actually, on july 31, it had been officially one year since the whole DSBK lawsuit thing had started. i found this article over at dbsknights that i really liked talking about the whole anniversary and wanted to share here.
Today is a day that no Cassiopeia would ever forget. It's been a year, and it's gone by in a blink of an eye, hasn't it?

We've waited an entire year, and in truth, it is undeniable that this period has really shown to us all how much we genuinely love our boys.

Throughout this time, we've had our doubts, our worries and even conflicts amongst ourselves, but all that is behind us now, we've made the decision to stay, and to keep waiting. Cassiopeia is a force to be reckoned with, seeing our enthusiasm, it's almost as though nothing ever happened. Every now and then, we may speak of our boys, about how much we miss them, but it's only because we want to see the five of them together again. We motivate one another, we encourage those around us to stay positive, and we vow to wait together; I'm proud of what we've achieved, of this entire fandom.

Many of us have shed tears, and yet we continue down this path because we believe. The boys have our unconditional and wholehearted faith and patience.

Some say they are charmed by our boys' looks, some by our boys' music, and some by our boys' love and emotion. Me? I'm a fan of these fans.

Others may not ever be able to comprehend this kind of unconditional love that we fans have to offer, yet we sacrifice it anyway, to a point where we could almost be deemed reckless and foolish. Even if we may never see those that we love, we love them anyway, regardless of other people's words, perception and lack of understanding.

It is magical, the way the emotions of others are able to affect our own.

Some say that to be a fan of an idol group is to inflict pain upon oneself. Groups inevitably separate, leaving fans with no choice but to focus their support on one particular member. On the other hand, we are Cassiopeia, and each and every one of us knows that we will continue to support DBSK as a whole regardless of the outcome of this difficult situation, wouldn't you agree?

And after writing all this nonsense, my one hope is that all of you will continue to wait, to support and to protect our boys.

Credits: 秀秀小兔@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

on a happier note, Big Bang is supposed to have a comeback this month! all of my kpop friends are anticipating that, lol :P

Beast was supposed to have a comeback in august, too, but they've pushed their comeback to september, so i've gotta wait another month for them :( but i can't wait to hear it! especially since the company said that their title track "will exceed the expectations"! XD

this past year has had alot of new groups debuting. all were unique in their own way but most of them didn't have anything that really struck out to me or their title song wasn't that great. but there are two new upcoming groups that are getting EVERYONE'S attention.

one group is called Double B 21 and there are twenty-one members in it. i don't know why anyone would think that's such a good idea, i mean, it took me a while just to put the names to SUJU's faces! and it's kind of daunting to even try to figure out all of the members in the group because it's so huge, especially since it's an all guys group. 

here's some pics and info of some of the members

i don't know if all 21 members will sing and perform when they debut since there would definitely not be enough time for all of them to have their own individual solos and stuff in the song, but the allkpop article said they split the group into three groups of seven for their music video at least. i like the song, tho :D

the other group that's making such a huge deal is this new, super YOUNG girl group called GP Basic. and when i said, "super YOUNG" i did not lie. the makne is still in elementary school. the other five girls are still in middle school.

i have to agree with what most people are complaining about the group: they're a little too young to be debuting; they're screwing up their childhoods. yes, every idol group has to have a unique concept, but being the youngest group does not necessarily give you an edge or anything. just because their company says that they've all had two years of training doesn't mean that they're actually ready to be idols yet. i mean, i doubt that any of the members are mentally prepared for what their lives are going to be like and how to handle certain situations that will occur in the future. and, being deprived a childhood can have a negative effect on a person mentally.

plus, since this group is really made up of girls -not teenagers or young adults- it would be morally wrong and downright disturbing if they're made to perform sexy stuff that most girl groups do. either way, because of their age, this group is getting alot of publicity, so everything that they'll do will be closely monitored which could be a bad thing for them since netizens are very critical.

they released their music video the other day, but i still haven't watched it yet, and the interweb's really slow right now, so i'll watch it later. and if i have any thoughts that i'd like to talk/rant about the mv, i'll also do it later :D

here's some random pics of changminnie cuz he's such a cutie [i rhymed XD]

and JYJ have released some pics of their new cd called The... yeah, weird title, i know :P but they look really good [jae looks sexy!] XD

i don't talk about Kara much, but i like them enough. they've recently went to the japanese market so i don't think i'll be hearing from them that much for a while. but i liked these pics of them that they took for a photoshoot that i wanted to share XP

and these two pics of jay that i really liked. really glad that he came back to korea! even if it's not to be reunited with 2PM.

and someone had this really cute icon of jae that i totally loved, so i had to save it and melt every time i see it XD

i forgot to mention that before shelle and i went to grandma's house, i finished watching this anime called Eden of the East. i really liked it. the art design was by the mangaka for Honey and Clover so the characters looked cute and shojo-y, but the plot and storyline would appeal to anyone; it's got action, mystery, and some romance thrown in it.
it's only 11 episodes long which was disappointing, but i found out that there are two movies that go after the tv series, so i can't wait for them to be subbed so i can watch it. :D and, i found out that funimation is going to license , so i can buy the DVD's when they come out in the US cuz they're totally worth it! :D i really recommend this series.

and the opening and ending songs are really good! i like how the opening song is in english and it really goes well with the anime, and the ending song is in japanese but it sounds really good, too. plus, the ending video in general rocks.



it's been cloudy all day. i hope it rains soon so the humidity will go away for at least a while. i so can't wait for fall!

i found this pic over at crunchyroll and thought that it was hilarious

and i think that's it for now. i have a math quiz on monday and a test on the first five chapters in bio on thursday that i really need to start studying for, but i'll do that tomorrow since i'm over at the cousins' house anyway :P


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