Sunday, August 22, 2010

i did it again!

i bought more books yesterday! ;-;

this looks really cool. i'd like to try to do this if i ever had enough books, lol :P

but seriously, there was such a HUGE SALE over at BookCloseOuts. like, all of the kids books [they stick the young adult books in that category, too, for some reason] were $.99 each! so i bought some books from that section that sounded interesting and had great reviews and a few other books that cost less than $5.

added all together with shipping and handling, i bought 7 books for only $24. i think that's a great deal XD even tho i highly doubt that i'll even have time to read any of them this year if what happened during last week is any example :/

you see, this last week, i had a whole bunch of tests and quizzes to study for that i didn't have any time to do anything but study. altho i did procrastinate in between studying which was looking at stuff online that i wanted to buy [but i didn't! *is proud* XD]. but yeah, i had basically no time to read or watch anything.

for AP bio, i had my first test on the first 5 chapters last thursday. mrs. edger told us that mrs. moleyson told her that most people failed the test. yeah, that was really encouraging.

luckily, we had an unexpected fire drill during that period, so we didn't have to take the test until the next day! unfortunately, we had to take the essay part of the test during our remaining class period instead, which i totally bombed since i didn't study any of what the question was about very much cuz i thought that the question would be on some of the later chapters instead.

and now i have a US test on tuesday with around 7-8 pages of notes to study and memorize dates, names, founders, and other stuff. joy -__-

anyway, only two books have come in so far. the stuff that i ordered directly from amazon said that the estimated delivery date was going to be on tuesday, so i can't wait for that. like i said in the last post, i'll take a pic of all the books when all of them finally arrive, which should be by the end of this week! i'm excluding the package of books that i just bought yesterday, tho.

i just remembered that i ordered some dvds off of ebay. i've been really wanting to get the All About DBSK Season 3 DVDs and the Super Junior Boys in the City Season 3 Hong Kong photo book but they're both super expensive [around $50-70], so i've been searching through ebay for some cheaper prices, but they're all around the same price!

but i found some other sellers who sell old concert dvds and stuff that i also want to buy, and i ran across this person called spade_ace_entertainment who sells extremely cheap concert dvds and stuff. but i think they're bootlegged -why else are they so cheap?- but not only because of that, but because the covers look different from what the official covers look like.

but i still wanted to see how they were, so i bought a Big Bang concert dvd that had english subtitles and g-dragon's concert dvd that also had english subtitles [if it's not crappy, i'm gonna give it to krista for christmas or something] just to see how good the quality is.

they're from the US, so it shouldn't take as long for the dvds to come in compared to the other sellers from South Korea and Hong Kong. all of the reviews for this person said were praises, so maybe they are the real deal...?

shelle finally came home on thursday. she actually came back from cali on tuesday, but she stayed at grandma's house for a while before daddy had a stroke and mommy wanted her to come home.

on tuesday night, mommy called daddy, who was still out going to the chicken house, and she could barely hear his voice on the phone, so she thought that he was sick so she left with brian to go check up on him. after, i think, running around trying to find each other [daddy was on his way to the chicken house], mommy finally found him and it turned out that he had a stroke.

it started when he was at the bank earlier in the day. by the time he left, he could barely say anything. and then, when he was at the gas station, daddy realized that he couldn't use his right arm. that's why mommy was really scared since he couldn't use one of his arms driving home, and the right side of his mouth was frozen.

mommy took him to the doctor the next day, and they said that daddy was okay. when i came home, he was sleeping on the coach looking fine, but he left to go back to the chicken house while brian and i were eating dinner; i think it was too early for him to go back to work...

but either way, i had a really crappy day that wednesday. mommy told me that i couldn't tell any of my friends about it [i don't really know why either], so i felt all sad in the morning and then i had a whole bunch of stuff to do at school and lunch was really lame and i think that i didn't get that much sleep that night either, and yeah...just a bad day in general.

last night, shelle and i went to wally world to get some stuff that we needed. we bought a bike pump cuz the bikes wouldn't fit in the car so we couldn't go to a gas station and pump the wheels up there, some face wash and headbands, shampoo, a wall calender, some cereal, and a LOT of pills.

shelle had gotten in the habit of taking these fish pills from Lil in california, so she wanted to get some for herself since they're healthy and stuff. and i wanted to get these vitamin gummy bears for adults that sydney had talked about since i don't get enough nutrients in the first place [and i like gummy bears ^^V]. in the end, tho, i got the pill versions for adults since shelle was going to take them, too, and it was cheaper.

one thing i'd like to complain about before going on with the story/explanation: why do we [shelle and i, the children in the family] have to buy groceries and stuff that our parents should be getting for us? i mean, at home, there is NOTHING to eat; no bread, no milk, no juice, only a bunch of chips.

this was all summer. if i wanted to get something to eat -that we should have at home already- i had to use my own money to buy it, only for the rest of the family to eat it too. it freaking infuriates me. i mean, parents should be at home more or at least realize that there's nothing to eat at home. they should be the ones buying food and other necessities in the first place like they said they would!

when i was younger, my parents told shelle and i that they would buy our school supplies and stuff, but if we wanted anything else, we'd have to buy it with our own money. that was fine with us since we only bought books and cds back then. but now, it seems like we have to buy everything.

argh, it just pisses me off. they're always telling us to save our money, but look where it's all going! buying things that they should be getting for us!

anyway, back to the pills. so yeah, in the end, we stood in the pill aisle for some time, looking at other healthy pills and deciding on if we should get them too. by the time we left to go to pay, we had 4 different types of pills.

when we got home, we had to get different bags and label them breakfast, lunch, and dinner and put the according pills in them so we'd know which ones to take at which meal since some pills had to be taken 3 times a day while some only had to be taken once.

so now i'm a pill popper XD

now to kpop! be prepared for an onslaught of pictures! [when have i not had alot of pics to share lately, lol]

but before i start on the pics, i finally watched Taeyang's I'll Be There music video, and it is hot. and i love how there's this zombie-ish feel to it XD

and now to the pics :D

first off, i would just like to say that i would KILL to be able to go to a SMTOWN concert. especially now that i've seen all of these pics that are making me squeal and fangirl like crazy. gotta love those maknes XD

oh my god, the kyumin was killing me! especially when i saw these pics! poor changminnie, i bet that hurt. but it gets better XD
kyunnie hugged it all better ^w^

gotta love all of that SM love XD

what made me sad was that while yuhno and changmin were doing SMTOWN, jaejoong, junsu, and yoochun were in japan doing A-Nation. they should be together as one. 

but i think both groups were doing okay. they all looked like they were having fun. 

and JYJ promoting their items at a-nation. jae looks adorable like always XD

next up is BEAST looking awesome for some magazine photoshoot. all guys should wear wife beaters XP

here's a few pics of nickhun from a magazine...there's so many magazine photoshoots lately!

and here's some of changminnie in magazines, too.

oh man, i cracked up when i saw these pics. say hello to Lady Heehee and Shinyonce.
i so wish that i could go to their concert, too.

and last but not least is Big Bang! these are some pics of them endorsing FILA. they're so cute!

and that's all folks!


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