Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the busiest summer ever!

and i'm not lying either. a couple of weeks ago, we (me and shelle) went to california for 2 weeks. a day or two after we got home, we went to florida which was 2 days ago. tomorrow afternoon, we're goin to our grandma's house. we have a choice of stayin there for one or two weeks. we kinda decided to stay for only one week cuz shelle needs to get her driver's license and i want to have my friends over one day to give them their souvenirs i got them in cali. not to mention, we havent gotten a break to just stay home and be lazy ever since this summer started. i mean, before we even went to cali, we had to pack. my room's practically empty! and mommy said that this friday, the ppl are coming so my room has to be completely empty of my stuff. and i'm not done with tellin you about where we're goin for the rest of the summer. on july 21st, we're goin to the bahamas and stayin until the 25th. not to mention, we still need to go to the skool to enroll me and brian. and mommy and daddy were talkin about goin somewhere on the weekend alone together before we moved, too. yeah, i think that's all of that. but who really knows; my parents are prone to change their minds ALOT.

so cali was fun. we ate out at alot of places that arent in GA. we went to the mall alot cuz lil worked there, and we kept on buying clothes (mainly shirts and tanks). we watched alot of movies so we're kinda caught up. we went to the japanese friendship garden and took some pics there. it's really pretty and the koi fish were pretty big. and i got my hair cut. it's pretty short. it was a pretty big shocker when lil just chopped it off in the beginning, but i'm gettin used to it.

the big fishes :)

the pretty scenery...

my haircut...

but yeah, hopefully, our cuzins will come over next year for michelle's graduation and to see the new house. oh yeah, i dont think i ever told you why we went over to cali in the first place. it was to go to viv's graduation. we got tan just sittin in the front row roasting our butts off :P

and we went to florida last saturday. we stayed at hong lien's house cuz vi and leanne were in florida. it was tiring as always since the 3 little girls wanted you to play with them 24/7. but we went to the mall (altho it rained on and off twice, i think, maybe more) and i got a bathing suit for the bahamas and some more shirts.

and sometime we were in cali, mommy finally bought the wii. wii sports is so addicting! especially boxing! man, you can never get tired of the game. you can only get tired from playin so much. and mommy and daddy said that they'd get our (me and shelle) games later which i'm startin to believe will be when we move. shelle's gonna get DDR and i'm gonna get rock band. i cant wait! XD

well, i'll talk to you later

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