Saturday, July 26, 2008

back from the bahamas!

i've got to say, when we first go there (traveling in a small plane), i really expected that our vacation was gonna be totally lame since mommy told us that the hotel would have wi-fi only for us to find out that they didnt have it, and that to use the internet, you had to PAY. so yeah, we were pissed off and mad at mommy. the only good thing so far at the moment was that we got a room to ourselves and away from the parentals. and brian who has been so annoying. that little pig...

i dont feel like giving you a play-by-play of what we did there so i'll just give you the major details. on tuesday, we went downtown to get souvenirs for all of our friends (including the parentals, they had to buy so many things) and me and shelle got these wishing bracelets. they're pretty simple to make and they each have different colors with different meanings. black is for fortune and/or fame (both me and shelle got it), purple for energy (me), rainbow for harmony (both), gold for money (i got one for haley :P and shelle got one for herself), and green for hope (shelle). and we got these little things called worry people. i got one for haley, too since she has so much to handle.

on wednesday, we (me and shelle, brian was too scared to go with daddy) went para sailing (cost $60 per person) in the morning and around an hour later, my parents agreed to let the whole family go snorkeling (cost $35 per person). which was WAY more awesomer than para sailing!!! it was so fun! and it made me really want to learn how to swim cuz it was so cool. and cuz of that, i got sunburn on my shoulders and now my shoulders are super dark! i've never been so dark before!! i'll never understand why white people like to get tans. and how come asian's tans never go away unlike the white people.

and on thursday, we stayed outside at the beach for 4 hours straight! during the last hour and a half (at least) me and shelle spent trying to learn how to swim. we were a little successful. and now i can hold my nose under water without using my hand! i'm so happy about that! XD

we took alot of pictures while we were there. over 900. O_o

and yesterday, we got back home. the bahama's airport was so long! and it was also haley's birthday, too. i need to call her to wish her a belated birthday and to see when she's free. i'm trying to get everyone together on either monday or tuesday of next week so that i can give them their souvenirs/birthday presents.

i'll talk to you later!

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