Sunday, July 20, 2008

same title as the last post :P

so hey, it's been a while hasnt it? and can you believe that summer's STILL not over yet? not that i'm really complaining cuz really, who wants to go to a new skool and start over again? but i'm just so tired of goin to so many places and coming back. and i dont really like stayin at home that much cuz mommy keeps the temperature really cold altho it's super hot outside, and cuz everyone can see what i'm doin when i'm on the computer. and you know me, i dont like everyone seeing my business that much.

but yeah, we came back from grandma's house a couple of days ago. it was really fun there altho tiring as usual. megan has gotten less shy about taking pictures altho at alot of times, she still doesnt want us to take pics of her, and nicole (i like calling her nickel XD) is still SUPER shy. it takes forever to convince her to show herself and stuff. she's so stubborn. but so are we. :P

we went to a rich people mall twice while we were there. it had all of the big expensive stores that are in gossip girl and expensive stores in general (hence the name "the rich people mall"). you know bloomingdales, anthropologie, nordstrom, and a whole bunch that i cant remember. they didnt have any of the stores that i liked. :(

but we had fun. and we went to the korean market to look at the "puppies", too. XP "puppies" is our codeword for cute guys since we didnt want anyone to know what we were really talkin about. the korean market never disappoints me with it's supplies of puppies XD

and we got to talk to di hieu on yahoo. we got on shelle's laptop and got to see each other on their webcams altho we couldnt talk to each other, it was good enough. and grandma got to see her, too. and she sent us alot of pics of the places she's been to. it was really cool. and she said that we could have a job like hers, too. when we're older and stuff. i kinda forgot what her job was, tho.

oh! and on the last saturday that we were there, tommy and andy brought their guitar heroes and i finally got to play. it was AWESOME!! and totally addicting! even nicole liked it! i cant wait to get rock band. i'm really hoping that mommy will throw me and brian a birthday party since she wants everyone to see our new house. i asked her and daddy about it and they said that after we move, they'll think about it. i hope they do it cuz i want nicole and megan to come over. they wanted to come over during thanksgiving holidays so that they could stay the night.

and tomorrow, we're leaving for the bahamas. the last place we're goin to this summer. hopefully. we have to get up at 4 in the morning, tho. or was it get up at 3 and leave at 4? well, either way, we have to get up early just to go to ATL and stuff. i'm not planning on sleeping at all tonight since it's kind of pointless. everyday that we've been here, i've been sleeping around from 1 to 4 in the morning. so i'm just gonna sleep in the car on the way there, and on the plane, too.

so long for now!

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