Sunday, June 8, 2008


hey, guess what. i'm...
The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
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hee, i found this site on that other one where i got all of those other crazy things for blogs and stuff. it said that i clicked the mouse 168 times in 30 seconds. :P that's alot. and now, i'm gonna take some other crazy stuff and post it on here when i should be goin to bed since i gave an ortho appointment tomorrow at 9, meaning that i hafta wake up before 8. :P

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?
Created by OnePlusYou
isnt that nice :P

well, that's all of them that are interesting.

so, yeah, in my last post, i told you that i might be in like with marvin. well, i talked with krista and haley on the phone sometime later on and i came to the conclusion that i DO like marvin. i kinda already knew that already but i didnt want to admit it to myself. yeah, i'm just weird like that.

but now, i dont know what's goin on anymore. lately, we havent been talkin that much. or actually, marvin's not replying to my messages that quickly. but yeah, the less that i talk to him, the less that i think about him. it's not that i still dont think about alot like i used to in the beginning. i mean, i still think about him at least 8 times a day; not to mention his birthday is on the 12 (if he gave his real birthday on myspace), the day after we go to cali and also the day that's vivian's (cuzin in cali) graduation. so yeah, i'm kind of constantly reminded of his birthday, meaning that i'm reminded of him.

but i think that i'm kind of like how shelle is. when she finally admits that she likes someone, pretty soon, she gets over him. but i dunno if it's true with me since marvin's my first real crush. not to mention, i STILL think about him, so i still could be liking him. but then again, he's my first crush and he'll always be, maybe i'll still have some feeling for him cuz of that. i guess that i'll find out if it's true or not when i start crushin on someone else. but that'll prolly take a while.


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