Monday, May 12, 2008


i could of sworn that i've posted in here at least once this month already! but it's almost been a whole month! lately, i havent been writing in here or my journal alot like before.

i've been drawing more pics lately, too. some i made up and others i copied from a manga. and i drew this scenery pic, too. and colored it. i've actually colored a few of my pics. i'll go take a pic of all the pics i drew. i really wish our scanner would work, it'd make things so much easier. oh well.
here's leon from gothic sports. haley owns the manga. the author's from germany and altho the story's plot isnt that good and confusing at times, the art's pretty good. it's the author's first manga. i really messed up on his legs, that's why they look fat.

this is supposed to be a human from world of warcraft. kyle had the book and wanted to see if i could draw her cuz he knew about my problem with drawing boobs. it's really crappy.

and this is the dude and girl from my short story (altho it's actually pretty long) we had to write for ms. harris's class. they were supposed to have wings but i cant draw that at all. and i couldnt decide how to draw their expressions and stuff (been experimenting on how to draw eyes) so i kept their faces blank. they're pretty good for drawing wrinkles and stuff by myself correctly for the first time.

next, is this girl i drew from a deviantart dress up game. she was kinda what i wanted my main character to wear but i never told what they were wearing in my story so it didnt matter. her boobs are disporportion apparently. and i colored her as you can see :)

and this is the pic i drew of the scenery i was talkin about. it came out of my GA history book and it was tooken at night when the sun was about to come out so the whole thing was supposed to be dark but i didnt have the right colors for everything so it came out like this.

this is just a pic of a random guy i drew at skool cuz lately, all i've been drawing were girls so i drew a dood cuz i needed practice with their eyes and hair since they're different than girls. he doesnt look...right, or something, i cant put my finger on it. it's hard to explain.

i tried drawing a cat girl but her head ended up being bigger than i thought so you cant really see the ears that well. and i messed up on her collar so it doesnt look real at all. drew this the same day i drew the dood from above.

and finally, last pic, is this girl i made up. she's wearing a scarf. and i colored her cuz i wanted to experiment coloring eyes. i really need to get more different colored color pencils. but yeah, this is how she turned out.

and we've been planning this for a while, to go to the mall together this saturday and play sardines and hangout. BUT! krista might not be able to go since she spent thursday, friday, and the rest of the weekend at her dad's house so her mom wants to spend some time with her. and betty's birthday's sometime this week and her mom said that she could invite as many ppl she wants to stay the night at her house so. she might not come altho if her mom says no, i'm gonna talk to her and say that this might be our last chance to be together outside of skool cuz everyone's moving away this summer. and haley said that kelly and lindsey might not come cuz her mom is weird like that. like, when we were doin the stereotype day, their mom wouldnt let them dress up like that and they always listen to their mom. so yeah. it might just be me and haley. but either way, i'm gonna spend what little money i have left and buy me an ipod when we go to the mall.

i might have to buy the stupid 3rd generation nano (i dont like it. it looks stupid and i could never fit it in my pocket without it showing) cuz when i was lookin for the 2nd generation since they stopped makin the 1st generation nanos, i couldnt find any. but either way, i'm gonna get an ipod again. i really need it.

and krista told us today that she might be moving to florida with her dad. but she said MIGHT. she didnt tell us before cuz she didnt know if they were gonna move or not and she didnt want to make a big deal about it, but she said that her dad sued this paint company that sold her dad paint that gave him Leukemia, and if he won (and their lawer said that there's a high possibility that they would), then they'd have alot of money and that they were planning on movin to florida then. and krista said that she wants to go with them. cuz she gets along way better with her dad and stepmom than she does with her mom. she doesnt have to hide things from them like she does with her mom. so yeah, that would mean that haley would really be alone in high skool. i think that was one of the main reasons why she didnt want to tell us.

so now i really want to go to the mall with everyone but it's startin to prove to be impossible. and we cant reschedule it either cuz next weekend, we're goin to ATL to go to An's graduation. and the weekend, skool's out and i dont kno what everyone's gonna be doin then. so yeah, so troublesome, like always.

but i found this manga that i've been lookin for lately. it's called yozakura quartet. it's from del rey so they're good with the sound effects and stuff. i thought that the art was pretty good so i wanted to get it. here's a pic i found on some anime site.

and i have alot of twilight icons that lindsey showed me in an im. i'll show you some of them later, this post is reeaaaallllllllyy long as it is. i got to see twilight's movie trailer, too. i dont kno what to think of it. i mean, even if i disagree with the actors playing the ppl in the movie, i'm still gonna watch it. so ya...


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