Thursday, May 29, 2008

i finally graduated

today was honors day; we dont have graduation for any grades other than 12th. i really didnt expect half of the things i got today. i knew that i got academic allstar (all A's) and perfect attendence, but i never expected to get the medals for the highest grades in math, science, social studies, and reading. the only medal i didnt get was language arts; katie hill got that. i was pretty funny (but tiring for me) when i got the medals. they would call out who got the medal and it would be me, and when i'm about to get off the stage, they call me back again for another one. i cant believe that i did so good this year. i mean, this year was prolly the hardest year i had at skool. and i got the most intellectual plaque for the 8th grade, meaning that i'm practically the smartest in the grade. and shelle told me that i'm now recognized as michelle's smart little sister.

oh yeah! earlier today at breakfast, hardly anybody was there and we (me, betty, and haley) were bored cuz lindsey and kelly werent there yet. and then betty said, "i'm gonna go talk to a random stranger. who wants to join me?" and i said sure, why not. i figured that it wouldnt matter if i make a fool of myself cuz i wont even be here next year. so after a while, betty suddenly got up and sat down in front of these 2 high schoolers. i got up and went over there cuz i saw that one of the dudes had a hat on, so i figured that i'd have something to talk about. first thing i said to the dude was something around the lines of "can i wear your hat?" he said no and said that he wears his hat everywhere. after he said that, i took his hat, put it on, and said, "not anymore." then i told him that he had a big head cuz it was really loose and i finally asked him for his name. he's shawn green and he's in the same grade as michelle. he said that i didnt act like her at all. but yeah, then lindsey and kelly came so we rushed back to our table (i still had the hat back on) so that we could give them the scrapebook we made for them. then shawn came over and got his hat back.

so we should the scrapebook to them and kelly kept on huggin haley to death just for the heck of it, and then i should them the last page. i printed out the lyrics of this is our town by we the king and wrote some comments that went along with the lyrics and drew my chibi people to make it look like they were saying it. and then i started singing the song cuz haley had never heard it and kelly and lindsey started crying. it started makin my eyes water, too. so yeah, we were huggin and sad.

after the honors day program, mommy took (me, shelle, brian, haley, kelly, lindsey, betty, l.t., betty's mom, kelly and lindsey's mom -krista already signed out so i couldnt ask her. that meanie, she didnt even let me hug her goodbye before she left.) everyone out to pizza in town. it was really fun. and after that, we had to say goodbye for real. that time was prolly the last time i'll ever see betty, lindsey, and kelly ever again. haley was goin home with me for a while cuz since we had to start packin (i'll explain soon), i found alot of clothes that were too small for me that i never wore, that ashley, haley's little sis, could prolly wear. and some other stuff that she might like that i would never use.

but yeah, when we were coming home from ATL this weekend, daddy and mommy told us that we need to start packin cuz the ppl who bought our house were goin to bring their family here soon and they'll need our rooms. so that was why we were (and still are) packin. and shelle gave haley alot of clothes that she couldnt fit or wear, too. and we watched 27 dresses.

oh ya, last night, we finally watched pirates of the carribean at world's end, and it was AWESOME!!! it was hilarious! :D and i was reminded of how much i love pirates. and the dude who played will turner (i think it's orlando bloom) looked really HOT as a pirate. and that's alot comin from me.

i'm almost done with the packin stuff. i finally cleaned out my closet, drawers, desk, everything. now, i just have to put everything in boxes and figure out what i need to keep out besides clothes.

and now for pictures! :)

betty said that this was kinda like us. me with the long, dark hair; haley with the long, blonde hair; her as the one with the braids; and krista with the one with ribbons in her hair. i like the pic and their clothes.

man! i really wanted to go watch death note the live action movie, but it only showed on 2 days and they both were on school days so i couldnt see it. but yeah, i saw alot of cosplays and stuff of L, and i really like his character.

and i forgot to tell you. i created a myspace i think some time around last week. but only cuz shelle was threatening to make one for me and cuz i was moving and was never goin to see everyone again. and everyone (me, haley, betty, krista, betty, kelly, and lindsey) decided to create a myspace together to keep in touch better. our name's TheTravelingPage. we created nicknames for everyone and a color for everyone to write with, too. i just created it today.

anyways, later.

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