Friday, May 23, 2008

pretty ponies!

heh, today was really fun! XD and yesterday too! yesterday, in math, we played with all of the boys hairs that were in class and gave them all crazy hairdos, and haley had her camera, so we got to take some pics of them. we made cody wear krista's black jacket and purple hair extentions and betty's arm warmers and he looked emo-y! it was so awesome! but haley's camera's battery died by then so we couldnt take a pic of it. we even used katie's batteries and it still died! and we did the same thing to the guy's hair today, too, in reading. it was so hilarious. and i brought my camera to skool, too, so we have alot of pictures of everyone in our homeroom now. the teachers didnt care that we had cameras and let us take pics of everyone. i even got a pic of john! and trey! his hair is awesome! but yeah, it was an awesome day. since we took so many pics of everyone, we wanted to make it into a slide show and show it on our honors day next thursday, but mrs. brown (she plans everything for it) said that we couldnt do it cuz that the program was too long already. so instead, i'm gonna burn a cd with all of the pics on there, and get one of the teachers to show it to our class while playing background music like my little pony and crazy stuff like that. oh yeah, i never told you this, when we were playing with the dude's hair, i called them all pretty ponies and stuff like that. it was hilarious. :) ahh, i'm never gonna forget this.

i'll post some pics up later. i havent uploaded them to the laptop yet.

we're going to grandma's house later today. mom, dad, and brian are goin to anh's graduation, and me and shelle are goin to grandma's. there's a holiday next monday, so we get to stay even longer! hopefully, we'll go to the mall cuz i needs ta buy me an ipod! they dont sell 2nd generation nanos anymore! grr... but the gwinett mall has this ipod machine that sells ipods and acessories, so hopefully, they'll still have them. and hopefully, they take cash instead of credit cards. but if i cant find any ipods, i dont know if i should just tell mommy and daddy that i lost it or i should jus buy the 3rd generation. i dont like it. it looks ugly. and mommy and daddy could totally tell the difference if i got it.

anyways! school's gonna be out next week!!! i'm gonna be happy that skool's finally over, and sad that i wont get to see mah fiends anymore. dont really want to talk about it.

So! onto pictures now! :) i havent drawn that much recently so you'll just have to deal with the pics i found on the internet. :P

these are some of the twilight icons i told you about from the last post.

so yar (hee hee, new word :P), there's just a few of them. gonna go take a shower now.


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