Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CRCT week

i could of sworn i had posted in here this week already. oh well.

but yeah, we have CRCT this week. today was the math part of it and i think i failed the first section. if you dont pass reading and math on the CRCT, you cant go on to the next grade. i'm gonna fail!!! TT-TT and we have science tomorrow and i dont remember anything that we learned from the beginning of the year! everyone else isnt making such a big deal about it as math cuz you dont need to pass science to go to the next grade. but i'm MOVING and i dont want to end up in the stupidest class at my new school.

i've been drawing -more like copying- some pics lately. i drew this chibi dude a week or two ago and i modeled him after sasori from the atkatsuki from naruto cuz i stink at drawing arms and body parts in general, and all he's wearing is a cloak. he looks so cute! and then i drew a dude from hana kimi and shaded it in and everything on monday, i think. yesterday, i drew a pic of the clothes that keiichi was wearing on the cover of la corda volume 7. and i drew sasori for real yesterday, too. i'm doin this so i can learn how to draw better. at least, i hope it's helpin me draw better, cuz i dont kno how to draw arms or the ruffles in clothes and i cant draw hair that well either. i'll show you a pic of all of my drawings later. i left the binder w/ the pics of them at skool.

and i found out that i laugh when ever i try to draw boobs!!! XD every time i try, i end up laughing my head off! it's pretty funny.

haley (maybe, she has to get rid of ashley first), krista, kelly and lindsey are coming over on friday. kelly and lindsey arent stayin the night cuz they hafta get up early on saturday to go visit some of their cuzins, but krista and haley (again, maybe) are gonna sleepover. we're gonna watch deathnote (hopefully) together since everyone who's ever seen it said that it's awesome. and of course, krista wants to watch it since it has so much death and stuff in it. and it's a mystery so of course its gonna be interesting.

and here are some icons from ouran high school host club!

i think that's all for now.

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