Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm back!!!

i dont kno if i told you in my last post or not, but spring break came up (lasted 2 weeks) and i spent the majority of it at my grandma's house. we came back from grandma's last wednesday. but it was really fun there. really tiring, but rlly fun. ^^ we went to the mall a couple of times there and i finally got to go into spencers for the first time! it was on april fools day and they had alot of cool shocking things in there. i got some shocking gum, too! and i saw this awesome beanie i rlly want. it's black and white checkered, you kno, like the vans. but so awesome! i couldnt buy it tho. and we went into hot topic later on and i wanted this beanie in there but it costed 20 bucks cuz it was from japan! it was that icon from gaia that says domo. i so wanted it. but i got a black and purple checkered wrist/armband there. and while we were there, everytime i tried to get a picture of nicole, she would always hide her head with her hair or turn away. so now, i'm gonna tell my friends i have a cuzin it since in half of the pics, she put her hair all in her face so you couldnt see it.

a pic of the shocking gum and the wrist/arm band

and we're moving (i already told you this). we looked at some houses the day after we came back from grandma's and we got to see mommy's dream house. it was the best of all the houses but the only reason why we didnt buy it already is cuz it's 395,000. daddy wants the buget to be from 300,000 to 350, 000. so yeah, mommy wants us to convince him to buy it anyways. i dont really care which house we buy so long as it's two stories and i get a fairly big room. and i have to go to the skool there, i cant go here like michelle.

i feel sorry for haley, everyone's moving. oh yeah! i just found out today! betty moved! she said that she prolly wasnt gonna move during spring break but she did! her dad came to skool today to pick up her claranet (sp?) so haley thinks that she moved to valdosta w/ her dad. cuz she said that if she goes w/ her mom, she'd move to florida, but if she lived with her dad, she'd move to valdosta. we didnt think that she was gonna move so soon, we never got to say good bye. TT-TT and kelly and lindsey are gonna move (they dont kno exactly when), and i'm gonna move, too. and i just found out today that tyler's (haley's cuzin) gonna move this summer, too. so in the end, haley's gonna be with just amberly and krista like it was before me and betty joined the picture in 6th and 7th grade.

but i found out that we're (as in me and shelle) are gonna go to california for a week during the summer cuz vivian's graduating high skool and wants us there. but before all of this (found out about this a day ago), daddy said that we were goin to canada this summer. so i dont kno if we're gonna go there anymore or not. but in the end, i'm broke right now.

this is a pic i found a while ago. the person looks cool XP

i wonder if i should put a disclaimer on here or for all of the pics i put up here that weren't mine? i mean, everyone always puts their names on thier pics nows so i dont see the point of putting a disclaimer to tell everyone that i didnt draw that. i mean, if i did, i would of told you so. but today, just recently too, i was reading about how someone stole this person's art and everyone was makin a big fuss about things. i dont want to be flamed for unnecissary reasons so, I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES HERE (that i posted on my blog) EXCEPT FOR THE ONES THAT I DO CLAIM AND TELL. THE OTHER PICTURES HERE THAT I DO NOT CLAIM, ARE DRAWN BY OTHER AWESOME ARTISTS. there ya go, now you cant go around saying that i stole your art or anything.

that's all for now.

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