Wednesday, March 12, 2008

been so busy

sorry!!! i've been so busy with skool and stuff, i never had time to get on here! T-T not to mention, haley and krista came over this weekend. krista on friday until around 1:03 in the afternoon on saturday, and haley from around 1:05 pm on saturday until 5:30 sunday. so ya, no time at all. also, people kept on gettin on my laptop and staying on for hours.

but the sleepover was fun. a couple of hours before krista left, we decided to make some pictures for haley to see and stick them on the window so she would see them as soon as she arrived (unfortunately, she didnt see them until waaaayyyyyy later). i took a couple of pics of them, so i'll stick them on here. the pics wont make sense unless you kno the story behind this (you kno, inside joke), so i'll tell you. you see, when haley went over to kelly and lindsey's house, they watched this movie no reservations or sumthin like that, and there was this dude in there that looked like an older version of john co, a dude in our grade that moved here during the summer of this grade. and in there, this girl had some cream on her face and instead of tellin her that she had cream on her face, he jus went up to her and got his finger and swiped it off her face and ate it. when they were watching the movie, haley was eating some cheese dip and had some on her face, but it looked like cream, so now, we never let it down with her. we're always makin cream jokes about her, usually with john in it.

and lindsey made us into animals. she calls them fuzzles. imma monkey, she's a duckie, krista's a bunny (she was the 1st made, she didnt get a choice like everyone else), kelly's a panda, haley's a penguin, betty's a lion, kyle's a unicorn, and john's a squirrel. heh, for kyle, lindsey couldnt choose to draw him as a unicorn or a raacoon so we made him choose u or r and i told him to choose u, so he got unicorn! i dont think he trusts me anymore. XP and john saw the fuzzles and wanted one of himself, so lindsey made him into a squirrel. i have the pic of john cuz lindsey sent it to me on an im. she put all of the fuzzles on her myspace. i'll go on there later and stick them on here later. for now, you're jus gonna hafta live with a pic of john.

and we went to the store when haley was over. we went to the vietnamese store and mommy said that we could get a box of pocky! it had 20 packs of pocky in it! i even took a pic of it! oh yeah, mommy partially adopted haley. so we're kind of sisters and since she's younger, i get the right to boss her around and annoy her. XP

and i made mini muffins all by myself! okay, i didnt put the outside thingies in the muffin tins, haley did. but i did everything else, i'm so proud! ^w^ i took a pic for lindsey to have when we were talkin on im.
haley ate a bunch of them. i even took pics of that to show lindsey as evidence of what a pig haley was. XD here: the cup of evidence!

this is gonna be one long post with all of these pics and i even wrote alot, too. but ya, this is wat ya get for not bein on here for so long. and guess wat? i'm not even done yet.

today, betty told us that she was gonna move during spring break (2 weeks from now) or maybe a little later. and her boyfriend, ryan (9th grader altho he doesnt look it), said that if she broke up w/ him, he'd commit suicide. and they both arent long distance relationship types of ppl. so we dont kno wat to do cuz ryan will do it, he's crazy enough to do it.

not to sound mean or anything, but i hope that if or when i ever get a bf, he wont be the kind of crazy ryan is. i mean, there's a difference between good crazy and the crazy that ryan is, which i would call psycho crazy. but then again, my dream guy is just that, a dream guy. the perfect guy that i imagined and want to date doesnt exist, or if he does, i have yet to meet him. and i doubt that i'll meet him any time soon, not in this small town.

what is my dream guy like and what's he look like? well, the thoughts of my dream guy were never really thought or voiced out loud. i mean, i've never talked about my dream guy until now and the thought of him was always in a corner in the back of my mind. my reason: what was the point of thinkin about him (my dream guy who i would of course want to date) if i dont think relationships in middle skool is dumb unless you're actually serious (which is so not in our grade).

so yeah, i do have day dreams about him tho. i named him sky even tho his real name's jason siller. i gave him the nickname cuz his eyes remind me of the sky. they're a dark blue, tho. he's a couple inches taller than me and has jet black hair that reaches out and slightly covers his eyes. he's the quiet type and wouldnt mind bein alone, he usually wearing dark colors, he's hot, of course (what girls' dream guy isnt?), he's silent but observant, can make me laugh, he can play the guitar, i can joke around and tease him all i want. i wish he was real, sky from my day dreams. but yeah, i doubt that there's a guy out there that completely fits my desription so i guess i'll jus have to settle for someone else. in the mean time, i could always write (or try to write) fics about him. if i could, i would draw a pic of him. maybe i will try that, when i learn to draw real anime-ish pics instead of my usual chibi ppl.

oh yeah, i drew this pic in reading today. it's so awesome! it's not perfect, but i still luff it. ^^ i love drawing emo chibi ppl. ^w^ the background is a folder i got a year ago that i'm sticking all of my chibi pics in.

you cant read the words and see the littler details so i'll take another close-up pic later and put it on here (if i can remember).

and remember wat i told you a couple of weeks ago? we're moving, too. somewhere in warner robins, the parentals havent chose a house yet. but we should be able to go to skool here next year cuz shelle can drive by then. and kelly and lindsey are moving, too. they're goin back to texas cuz their mom promised one of their sisters (they're the youngest in their family) that when she had her first kid, they'd move back to texas and help w/ the baby. and krista gets a chioce of moving, too. so haley could be all alone. but she's most-likely not gonna be, krista's prolly not gonna move and i'm most-likely gonna be here next year.

i forgot to tell you, when haley came over, i copied the pics she took of us when we dressed up on stereotype day. here's a couple of them

we all wore stripid arm warmers that day. so awesome -.-

i think that's gonna be it for today!

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