Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i've been so busy lately, that i hadnt had any time to write to on here.

i've been busy workin on my math and reading project these past few days. i just finished my reading one. we had to do this project about the 8 figurative languages; finding them in literature and making some of them up ourselves. and mrs. callier wanted us to put pictures on them if we could. she said that we could present them in any form from a powerpoint to our own booklets to makin a blog for it. i decided to do a blog and i jus finished. the main reason why it took so long was cuz i didnt want to go on google and get the pictures there cuz i wanted anime-ish pics, so i went on deviantart and there was a whole bunch of great artists i've found. i spent most of the time jus lookin at their galleries. at least i have alot of pics to stick on here now, since in the earlier posts, i didnt have that much. here's the website: the reading project's due tomorrow.

my other project, the math one, it was extra credit so i did it cuz i never know if i'm gonna fail a test or sumthing. but we had to do our project on Johm Venn, the inventer of the venn diagram. she said that she didnt care wat the presentation was, so i jus did a powerpoint. i finished it 2 days ago. she graded it today and i got 100! she told us that she was gonna count it as a test grade. i'm so happy! i'm not gonna fail math (hopefully)!

i think around a week ago, mommy asked us if we wanted to go to vietnam this summer since daddy said that we'd (me and shelle) go to vietnam before shelle went to collage and we said that we wanted to go(shelle said yeah, i shrugged). i kinda didnt want to go cuz i dont kno wat i'm gonna do there since i cant speak vietnamese at all anymore and can barely understand it now. but a day or two ago, mommy said that we couldn't go (i'm not gonna lie, i was a little happy at hearing that) cuz we're gonna move (wasn't happy about that at all).

so yeah, we're gonna move. mommy jus came back from lokin at some houses. i dont wanna move! i might still go to taylor county next year cuz shelle's in her senior year and can drive (plus, she'd run away if our 'rents wouldnt let her go here for her last year) so she can drive here, but when she goes to collage, i'm gonna hafta go to the skool where we're movin. but shelle said that i can drive legally by then, but i dont think i can, cuz i'd be 15 and i doubt that they'll let me drive to skool everyday at that age. they dont let michelle, mommy's afraid to be in the car when shelle drives.

i started readin this manga online (they have it out in english by tokyopop, but i'm broke and didnt want to spend even more money on manga) called loveless. it's kinda confusing, but it's a mystery-ish type of book and i cant not stop readin it. it has parts where the main character, ritsuka, kisses or gets kissed by soubi (both are dudes), and when ppl talk about it (it has an anime, too), they call it yaoi (gay), but when i looked it up in this manga book, it said that it has hints of yaoi and yuri (lesbian), but, now, i do think it is a yaoi manga, sorta, cuz it isnt all about 2 guys who are in love w/ eachother, makin out -one's in denial, tho. i dont have anything against yaoi manga or gay ppl in general, but i tend to stay away from yaoi manga if it says that it is. but if some yaoi manga are like that, i guess i'd read it. the main reason i even bothered to get the scans was cuz that i liked the art.

here's some pics of ritsuka. i'll put more up when i have the chance to see them all.
wat i tell you? good art.
and i found a whole lot more pics from deviantart when i was workin on the reading project. there's this one person i found who draws these awesome comics with these characters she made up. the comics are always so funny, too! i have over 100 of her comics and pics in my picture folder. i dont kno how i'm gonna stick them all on here.

well, here's a few of them that i like. the girl's name is Maria McMorbid and the dude's name Rip McScythe. the other girl on the pic under this one is Shmez McDemented. she has some other ppl, too, but i'm too lazy to write it all down.

i luff maria and rip the most out of all of them.

and look at this awesome chibi of a pirate i found! and this relly cool pic of cloud (from final fantasy) that i found the other day.

such a long post. i'll put up more pics next time.


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