Friday, February 15, 2008

happy late valentine's day!

did you have a good valentine's day? i sure didnt. i spent my day feeling like crap. i had to go to skool, too, so it was even worse. jus to let you kno wat i'm talkin about, i'm sick. i think i have a fever or the flu, plus a sore throat. and i had to go to skool feelin with all that. and i didnt want to get signed out to go home cuz i needed to do some tests and crap. on the bright side, i feel a little better now.

all this week at skool, my friends have stayed home sick and stuff so we havent been able to talk about the dressing up as stereotypes and when we were gonna do it. i think we're gonna hafta postpone it a little longer cuz everyone's sick. geez, i feel like crap rite now. i havent been this sick in so long, i dont even kno wat to do anymore.

and we still dont kno if anyone is able to take us to the anime con in march. maybe (tho we all doubt it) haley's mom will be able to take us. but haley said that her mom's gonna busy w/ work in march so she doubts that her mom can take us. my parents are too busy w/ work to drive us there and back. both of krista's parents...well, i never bothered to ask if they could take us. but her mom is so nosy about what krista does so i dont think krista wants her mom to take us. kelly and lindsey's mom might be able to take us (not their dad, he hates anime) but they never asked if she could, so we still dont kno. and betty's mom, i dont think she'll be able to. but ya, we still have a month to figure things out. holy crap! we only have a month! thats not enough time for me to save any money!

i havent found any good pics lately except these two since everyone's (mainly michelle) been hoggin the computer 24/7. i'm so ticked about that too! its my frickin laptop! and i keep on telling her that i need it to work on my project and she saids that she'll get off in an hour or sumthin like that but she ends up stayin on it all day! i'm talkin about michelle here. when are our parents gonna get her a new computer?

anyways, the pics...
i love ouran high school host club! its so funny! ^^ i had to keep this one. tamaki is so dense. :)

and the other one...
...this is shana from shakugan no shana. it's an awesome manga, light novel, and anime. ^^ you should totally check out both of these, they're awesome!

and ya, these pics are for your avi thingie mabob. ^w^

that's all for today!

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