Sunday, March 16, 2008

maximum ride the book and movie

hey hey! i was checkin my mail and i was reading the posts from fang's blog from maximum ride. dude, i haven't checked out their blog in ages! but yeah, the next max ride book's coming out TOMORROW!!! i want it bad!!! and you kno how i was describing my dream guy in the last post? well, i just realized that my dream guy is similar to fang. actually, he's almost exactly what my dream guy is. but fang's in love with max so i cant have him. but ya, the actor who's gonna play fang in the movie, better be hot and fit his discription, cuz there's gonna be alot of angry fangirls if he isnt what everyone imagines. soz, i hafta get off soon cuz mommy wants to get on so i'm rushing it. but ya, i found this awesome quiz place from fang's blog. i took this quiz earlier.


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