Sunday, March 16, 2008

maximum ride the book and movie continued

so ya, i'm back. where was i? oh yeah, fang. well...i'm done with that subject. on to the next one!

the other movie i'm waiting for to come out is twilight. it's gonna come out in theaters in december. i cant wait even tho i dont have high hopes on the actors who are playing the characters from the book. they're chosen the main character's actors for the movie already, and half of them dont look at all like how i expected them to look like. so their acting skills better be good.

i went back to the website with the quizzes an stuff, and look, alot of ppl died the day i was born.
149,473 People
and spring break starts next week! it lasts for two weeks! hopefully, we'll be able go to grandm's. but wat sucks is that right when we get back from spring break, we have crct. it's such a pain in the butt.

and on friday, after i showed nekoprincess a pic of some of my chibi ppl, she asked me to draw a pic of her avi chibified. so i finally finished the pic today. there are alot of mistakes and stuff but i dont really give a crap. that was my first chibi person who actually has their legs spread apart instead of bein stuck together like all of my other ones. and after watching so many maximum ride videos today, i want to try and draw fang. so i'll try that later. anyways, here's the pic i drew of nekoprincess.

this is a pic that nekoprincess drew of us a while ago

i love his shirt/hoodie/whatever it is! and he's pretty hot, too. he's paul digiovanni from the band all time low, i think.

that's gonna be all for now

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