Thursday, January 12, 2017

Back to the grind...

School started back again earlier this week. I have night classes on Monday and Tuesday and an online class that I haven't really checked up on yet. It's so sad that I'm already slacking off. -__-" I just want to graduate already. 

I've already almost fallen asleep in both of my classes already, lol. 

Plus, the next few months are going to be stressful because Shelle and Kyle's wedding is in March, and there's so much to do if you're in the wedding party. I'm also helping host the wedding shower, so that's been a headache because of Kyle's dad and stepmom being so fucking difficult. 

Now I've got to worry about finding good wedding shower invitations and how to print them cheaply since I'm just a poor college student. 

We've been working out extra hard this week, and it really shows. We did 236 pushups on Monday, 420 jump squats on Tuesday, 170 bicep curls and 170 tricep extensions yesterday, and 240 burpees today along with warmup exercises and challenges after all of these main workouts. Tomorrow is leg day again, so I'm not sure what we're doing yet. All I know is that my legs are still recovering from Tuesday's jump squats. D:

Since school just started though, I've been hanging out with David a lot since we have a lot of free time. Obviously that's going to change soon once we both get swamped down with homework and tests, but it's nice to just chill together in bed. Naps with the bae is the best!

I found out that Shanice is planning on moving to Atlanta next week, so we're trying to get together one last down here tomorrow night so that before she leaves. I haven't seen her in months! I meant to reach out to her for the past couple of weeks during the break, but I kept on forgetting, and so many plans kept on popping up. Now I feel bad for not hanging out with her especially because she couldn't go on the cruise with us last month. :/

But yeah, that's what's been up lately. I want to watch so many shows and read so many books and fanfics before school gets really busy, so I feel like I don't remember to blog as much anymore, lol. I'll try to do better. :)

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