Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When you have no motivation for school anymore

I'm only taking two classes this semester, and I'm struggling so hard to find the motivation to do anything. Granted, they're grad classes on my least favorite subjects, so I can understand why I don't like studying, but still. It's like senioritis times two. It's so bad. 

You would think that I would have plenty of time to study and do the homework, but I'm pretty sure it's because of that reason that I procrastinate so much. I think that I have more than enough time to do my homework and study, so I goof off and make plans until the last minute when everything's due, and then I'm scrambling to finish everything in time. That, and whenever I plan on studying, something or someone comes up, so I have even less time to be productive. 

You'd think I'd learn from my lessons these past few weeks, but I'm still making the same mistakes. -__-"

Right now, I should be catching up and reading last week's chapter for Financial Accounting because we have a test on Monday, but I'm not. And I know that I really should study because I'll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta this weekend, but I just can't bring myself to study right now. 

Ugh, I'm disgusted with myself. 

I'm gonna try to do better, but I've been saying that since this semester started. Maybe I should get a part-time job so that I have to manage my time better after all...

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