Monday, April 11, 2016

Bearstock 2016

Bearstock was this past Saturday, and while it was pretty awesome overall, there were some not awesome parts as well that still bother me.

It started off fun and hilarious once we got there and bought our shirts before heading over to Margarita's for a late lunch/early dinner. Our server turned out to be Edgar, one of David and Kim's friend from their old high school who I've met a couple of times already. Because of that, we all joked and messed around a bunch while he was taking our orders and serving us. 

After that, we walked around and looked at all of the vendors before finding a spot to sit down and chill on. Jackie had brought a blanket that she had just bought in the shape of The Simpson's donut, which was super cool, especially to sit on, lol. We sat and listened to the rest of DNK's performance and Elephante's before getting up to join the crowd to listen to the last headliners of the night: Jon Bellion and MKTO (my two favs!).

We managed to get a good spot not too far from the left side of the stage for Jon Bellion's part of the concert, and it was fine. There were a couple of people who wove their way in front of us, and the crowd wasn't that bad at that point. Then it started getting pretty packed, and a couple of guys had asked to cut in front of us (one said to get to his girlfriend), but there literally was no room, which I tried to yell at them. They kept on looking at us, so I ignored them until they went away, lol. Apparently they called Lee a bitch for that, which was really uncalled for, since I was the one not letting them through.

In the 30 minutes after Jon Bellion's performance to set up for MKTO, the crowd started getting ridiculous. People were trying to push their way to the front and trying to cut in front of us, so we were assholes back to them, pushing back and elbowing them because there literally wasn't any room for them. Then people started crowdsurfing, even though the sign on the stage clearly said no crowdsurfing. We were mainly watching out to make sure that they didn't come in our direction in case they dropped on us. In between all of that, I could smell weed and smoke when the wind started blowing. All-in-all, we weren't that happy being in the crowd. 

Then, after MKTO started performing, a couple of events happened that made my blood boil. The first one was when a line of people started bodyslamming into people to get to the front. They pretty much shoved my friend into the people in front of her, and the guy in the back of the line was being obnoxious yelling at his friends in the front to hurry up and get to the front when they stopped moving. He was seriously pissed at everyone and yelling at them to hurry up; when they didn't he pushed his way to the front to handle the problem. After that, another group of people left the crowd. Apparently they were about to get into a fight with the other angry guy and left before they did. But yeah, that angry guy pissed me off so much. I just wanted to punch him in the face until he stopped talking.

The second thing that happened was when these two people cut in front of us. They ran over from the right side of the crowd, and it seemed like they were trying to leave the crowd, so I let them in front of me, especially because I recognized the girl to be one of my friend's girlfriend. Instead, they ran over to cut in front of us to get to their Indian friends, who were right in front of us. To make matters worse, there literally wasn't any extra space for them, so her hair kept on getting in my sis's face, and the other guy kept on dancing and leaning backwards onto me. We had to keep our hands on his back and push him forward so his stupid hood from his jacket wouldn't keep on getting into my face. It was really annoying, and I was so tempted to punch him, too.

After the concert was over, a group of high school girls broke got in between my friends and me trying to leave, and because I was so agitated and angry and didn't want to get separated from them, I barreled in between the line of those girls and into my friends. Not the nicest thing to do, but I was still so pissed that I wanted to start throwing punches. 

The walk back to the car helped cool us down, but we were still a little angry. Every year, I always forget how bad the crowd gets. I don't know why I never remember how awful people are trying to get to the front. I think I'll just stick to the back of the crowd next year.

If you're wondering why we didn't just leave the crowd or go let people cut in front of us if it wasn't worth the fight, the answer is this: because we were already there, and we were going to fight for it, dammit. I honestly don't know. We were there first, and we didn't want to give it up to other people. Plus, I was really looking forward to both Jon Bellion and MKTO, so I wanted to see them up close. 

But yeah, lesson learned: don't go to the front. It's not worth it.

Overall, a good Bearstock. Not my most favorite one, but not my worse.

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