Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another fun weekend with friends before I become sentimental :D

This past weekend was pretty great in my books. :) I got to hangout with a lot of friends and ran my first 5k, which pretty much killed me, lol.

After our last class on Friday, Carina, Harrison, and I went exploring downtown to take pictures. I needed to take one more roll of film for my black and white photography class, and Carina wanted to come with since she just like photography in general. Harrison was basically our tour guide, since he knew his way around Macon, lol. That, and because he's a hilarious model.

We walked around and found a whole bunch of old buildings that were falling into decay or had plants growing around them, and used our umbrellas as props half of the time, since we thought that it was going to rain that day. (Funnily enough, it was Earth Day when we went to take pictures.) We climbed the stairs to the top of a parking deck only to be blocked off at the top floor, so we just took pictures with what we could. The view was still really nice. We were pretty far off of the ground, lol.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival a couple of weeks ago, we went to this one spot where this guy has spent years graffiting this building. We ended going back there but from a different angle, so we had a different view of the building along with another old, dilapidated building close by, which was pretty cool. 

We went back to school after we had our fill of photography, and hungout until the fondue event started at 5. One of Carina's homework assignments was to finish this incredibly hard word search, so we spent a lot of time trying to find the last five words in the list, lol. Then we went and ate a bunch of fondue since we were starving.

Carina had to leave at 6:30 to help out at an assist living place with her friend, so Harrison and I chilled until 7:30, when Carina and David were supposed to be back on campus. Then the four of us carpooled to Chico & Chang, this new Mexican and Korean fusion place that recently opened up. Mikey met us there, since he got off of work around that time.

Carina and Harrison had already eaten there before and had told us that it was really good (along with many of our other friends), so the rest of us were really hyped about trying it out, since there aren't that many good Asian places around here. It lived up to its hype. The food was so good, and they had a lot more food for each meal than I expected. The boba was also really good; I tried some of Mikey's and it was delicious, so I definitely want to get my own next time we go there. :)

It sucked that Alec couldn't make it because he got sick, but it was really nice just trying new food and hanging out. Those goofballs are always amusing. At one point, Mikey was on the phone with his mom speaking Vietnamese, so David starting translating for Carina and Harrison with me as the second translator. Throughout the whole incident, a waiter refilled all of our drinks, and none of us but Mikey, who should have been the last one to notice any of this, noticed it, so we were all freaking out and laughing at each other. XD

Afterwards, we went back to Harrison's apartment to play board games. We taught Carina and Mikey how to play Exploding Kittens, and it was the funniest thing ever. Carina couldn't get over how cute the cards are, which was hilarious itself. She was still confused on how to play the game while the rest of us were getting intense and into the game, and it was just funny watching people screw each other over.

Harrison taught us how to play Wits & Wagers, and that was hilarious because we did not know anything, lol. At least one of us always put down a ridiculous answer way different than anyone else's, so we died laughing every time we revealed answers. XD We all left around 11:30 since most of us had to wake up early the next day.

The previous week, Alec, Jenny, David, and I had signed up to run MPOC's Miles for Mobility 5K. It was supposed to take place last Saturday but was abruptly moved to this past Saturday. Because of that, Alec got sick the day before and Jenny already had plans to go camping with her classmates, so it was just David and me who ran.

To give an example of just how inadequate I am at running, when we run a mile lap as a pre-warmup to workouting, I can barely run seven out of the nine laps around our gym that equals to a mile. Also, I was under the impression that a 5K was a mile and a half, not three miles! That's why I pretty much died during the 5K. Granted, I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would in the beginning due to the mile we always ran as our pre-warmup, I still had to stop at least five or six times to catch my breath. David ran with me the whole time even though he could have easily kept up with the girls in front of us. He coached me while we were running, teaching me how to breath properly and lengthening my stride when I needed to. Without him, I'm pretty sure I would have taken even longer to run the 5K. Our time ended up being 33:57.

I was really glad to have completed my first 5K but also trying to stop dying after it was over. For some really, I was really hot and had a headache for the rest of the day even after I took a shower. But it wasn't that bad. We ended up taking a lot of naps before going to Atlanta to eat Korean bbq with David's older sis and her boyfriend. Afterwards, we went to Sweet Hut and got pastries and boba, which I was craving. Their honey green tea was delicious. It was the perfect refresher after eating so much heavy food earlier, lol.

We got home around midnight, and because my parents weren't going to be home that night, I spent the night at David's place. I hungout until noon when Shanice was planning to come over to my house. She was home for the weekend, so we made plans to have a study date since we haven't seen each other for a while. 

We ate lunch at Panera's before going to Starbuck's to study and do homework and catch up. While Shanice was rewriting some notes, I was apartment hunting, since I needed to find a place to stay during the summer for my internship. I finished one project and submitted it online as well. 

Afterwards, we went to Books a Million, since it had been so long since the both of us have been there. There are so many books that I still want to read! So little time to read anything though, especially since I've recently gotten back into fanfiction again, lol. Maybe it'll end soon. 

We went to Michael's after that, since I forgot that I needed to buy a couple of stuff for my little, since I still haven't given her my present after she got initiated a couple of weeks ago. I'm still working on it, lol. One of these days I'll give it to her. I also ended up getting a couple of stuff for my big as well, since she's graduating and traveling to Thailand right afterwards. We went home after that.

All in all, it was a very eventful weekend that I'm glad I got to spend with my friends. Sometimes you just randomly have a revelation and this weekend made me realize just how glad I am to meet all of these amazing people and have them in my life. These people have helped made my college and high school experience so great, and I hope that we'll still continue to stay friends after we all graduate. 

I suspect that these sentimental feelings stem from me and a lot of my friends graduating in a couple of weeks, which is making me realize just how great this past year has been. I've made a lot of friends, I've grown closer to many of them, and I've enjoyed hanging out with them all. While I still have another year of grad school, I am technically graduating from undergrad in a few weeks even though I chose not to walk; I think that because of this and many of my friends' constant talk about graduating and the future has made me appreciate the little time we all have left in college. 

College is just another stepping stone through life that we're all experiencing, and it's still daunting to me to think about the next step of going into the adult world, which is scary and hard and nothing like I have encountered so far. That's why I'm becoming nostalgic and enjoying the time that I have now with the friends I've made and thoroughly welcoming all of the experiences I can with all of these people that I love before we all graduate and go our separate ways. I know we'll try to keep in touch, but I also know that I suck at stuff like that. I also know that sometimes it's okay to lose touch, because we're all doing our own thing and we'll all make new friends and have new experiences. The memories that we make together are what keeps us together through it all, and I think that is enough. It is enough to enjoy our time together while we still have it, and if we happen to meet up again in the future, then even better, but we don't have to push it. 

We don't have to continue forcing a friendship that doesn't seem to do any better. Friendships should never be forced. The best friendships are when you see each other again after a long time and it's like you guys saw each other yesterday. It's about always being there for each other and catching up like old times and being happy for each other and encouraging each other to do things you're hesitant about. It's about making each other feel happy and loved, and I am so grateful to have so many people like that in my life.

This post became a lot more sappy than I thought, lol. That's it for today. I'll save the rest of the mushy stuff for when I see my friends. :P

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