Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Break Goals

My Thanksgiving Break officially starts today, but because I convinced my art teacher to turn yesterday into a work day and because my other teacher canceled class for the break, I actually had yesterday off. Did I do anything productive with it? Not academically.

I cleaned my room and vacuumed my sis's room, but any chance of doing homework was pointless after my parents came home since we had some errands to do. We ended up spending around five hours at Best Buy upgrading new phones and transferring info over to our new phones, so it was already nine at night by the time we got home. By then, I was just tired and knew I wouldn't focus on writing any paper.

So, here are all of the things I need to do over this break in order to catch up with school.

  • Finish Assessments 1-7
  • Write Leadership paper 
  • Write Multimedia draft 
  • Finish reading Romans
  • Finish reading CC chapter 18
  • Read Colossians
  • Read Ephesians
  • Read Timothy
  • Read CC chapter 20 
  • Read Hebrews 
  • Read CC pages 441-48 
  • Read James 
  • Read CC chapter 22 
  • Read 2 Peter 
  • Read Jude 
  • Read CC chapter 23 
  • Read 1 John 
  • Read 2 John 
  • Read 3 John
It really sucks because my sis and her fiance are coming down on Friday night, so I know that the rest of the weekend is gonna be full of distractions. Plus, my bro wants to go Black Friday shopping, while my parents have items that they want me to buy for them since they'll be too busy to do it themselves.

Ugh, there's always too much to do and not enough time. :/ I really shouldn't have slacked off on the reading assignments for New Testament last week. But then again, there really wasn't much time to do them because of everything else.

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