Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hanging Out, Hooters, Laser Tag, & Fiction

This past week has been crazy busy, lol. I definitely did not focus on schoolwork and homework as much as I should have. I ended up socializing instead. -__-"

On Wednesday, I hung out with Lauren, since we haven't seen each other since AWA and because she wanted to give me my birthday present. We went to go eat at McAlister's, and ended up staying there for around three hours just catching up, talking about classes, anime, and our favorite ships. Lol, it was good to see her.

Afterwards, I went to my friend's car club event to get a quick checkup on my car and learn how to check my tire's air pressure and oil and stuff. Hopefully I will remember how to do all of that when I really need to do it, lol. I signed up for a raffle and recently found out that I got second place! Lol, I haven't had a chance to stop by and retrieve my prize, so I don't even know what I won. XD

I met up with Jessica there, and we went to go kidnap Safa after we were done checking our cars. We promised to take her out to Hooters during LEAD since she had never been there before, so that was what we did. I'm so glad that all of us liked spicy things, or else we would have had to choose the boring flavors, lol. Instead, we tried out a bunch of different spicy flavors since we chose the all-you-can-eat wingless option that's available on Wednesdays.

Then, on Friday, Quadworks had set up laser tag on Cruz from 5-7, so David and I ended up playing multiple rounds with strangers at first, and then with our friends later on at night. Oh my god. I was so sore over the weekend because of all of the squatting I did playing laser tag. David and I were dying walking anywhere. XD (I'm still a little sore...)

Afterwards, we went to go watch our school theater's production of "Fiction" with Jenny and Carina, since Carina and I got free tickets for designing the posters (and she got another one for designing the book cover). It was really good! And I recognized all of the actors (lol, there were only three) from the previous play, "A Flea in Her Ear," that we went to for free for also designing the poster and banners for, lol.

So yeah, it was a very eventful week.

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